A New Development for No. 9

A New Development for No. 9

by Wendy Ouriel

One of the great things about making all of OUMERE Skin Care in our labs is we have the ability to constantly improve our products. One area of research I am always working on is finding the finest sources for our ingredients. And finding newer and better sources for ingredients means an ever improving product without needing to change the core formula. The outcome of which is more profound results from the same skin care.

I recently came across a source of grape seeds that I became excited about due to its purity and dense nutrient content. I could tell instantly because when I made the extract in lab from these new seeds, the yield was an extract that was a deep red. Almost purple. And made my skin glow instantly.

The grape seeds used previously came from Washington, and the grape seeds we use now for No. 9 come from California.

The No. 9 you will see henceforth will be a deep gold color that reflects the new source of grape seeds. The formula is unchanged, and the results more profound. It is a reflection of our ceaseless effort to produce the best product born from constant research and development. And made from the best sourced ingredients we could find.

We are also preparing for the spring launch of our new site, which will have brand new product photos to reflect all of the updates in our packaging and products. Videos coming soon as well.

new no 9.jpg
Wendy O