Skin Sensitivity is Created by Bad Skin Care

Skin sensitivity is not a natural property of skin. It is not something you 'just have.' Skin sensitivity, with few medical exceptions, is a condition that is created by bad skin care. Babies and children generally do not have skin sensitivity issues. And for the most part, skin sensitivity is something that women experience more than men, and start to complain of this ailment in their teens. The reason is because women use skin care more than men, start to use skin care in their teens, and the skin care market is saturated with skin damaging, sensitizing ingredients.

OUMERE receives a lot of e-mails from customers with sensitive skin. So much that you would think that every woman on the planet has some sort of skin sensitivity. As a biologist, I know this isn't natural or normal because your skin is what separates your insides from the harsh outside world. If humans didn't have a tough barrier, we would have died out a long time ago. Natural selection chose for skin that had the properties of being strong, not sensitive, and therefore we are doing something to create this sensitivity, and it is a modern phenomenon.

When a client comes to us, intrigued about our line, but is concerned due to their 'sensitive skin' we usually inquire about their current routine, and their routine inevitably contains irritants. Usually they are using retinols long-term, have some sort of vitamin C component to their skin care, their products contain essential oils, their cleansers are foaming and alkaline, they overwash their face and/or use those electronic face brushes, they use physical scrubs and harsh peels, and they are never using a proper chemical exfoliant.

The advice OUMERE gives to clients who come to us with skin sensitivity is always the same, and it always works: stop using your skin care. We always say give your skin at least a week to heal. Stop using your natural (essential- oil laden) products, stop using your retinols, stop using your vitamin C products, stop going to the esthetician, stop using moisturizers, stop washing your face. Don't do anything for the next 1-3 weeks except water and a mild sunscreen. And when your skin heals itself, come back to us. And clients come back to us. And they come back with the best news: their skin has looked better than it has in years or ever before. Life-long acne is starting to heal, redness/rosacea has calmed, and their skin looks healthy. We say now your skin is ready for OUMERE.

Once skin has hit the reset button, as we say, then it is ready for properly formulated skin care. But unless you hit the reset button, your skin will not be ready for our products. If you use OUMERE, and are still sensitizing your skin with sensitizing agents, oxidizing products, harsh ingredients, etc., then those products are going to interfere with OUMERE's skin care abilities, and you are not going to experience the full anti-aging potential our products were formulated to achieve.

OUMERE products are all formulated to bring your skin to health, which is why we don't have a million different products for a million different skin types. If your skin care products work, then they will make your skin healthy regardless of its starting point.

A final note: a lot of clients are incredulous when we say that their 'all natural' products caused their skin such harm. The naturalistic fallacy is a logical fallacy where it is assumed that because something is natural, then that must mean it is safe. Heroin, cyanide, arsenic, botulism toxin, asbestos, mercury and anthrax are all natural. And they can all kill you.

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