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The next product from OUMERE is coming soon

I have been formulating a hair product for a couple of years now that I believe addresses a significant issue in the hair care industry. There is no shortage of bond-repairing products on the market, but they all have the same problem: in the short term they repair the hair but long-term they will cause damage to the hair.

The mechanism behind Bond-repairing hair care products is that they claim that their chemical formula fixes the broken disulfide bonds in the hair. Hair damage manifests in many ways and one way is broken disulfide bonds which cause the hair structure to break down.  

However therein lies the problem with these products: repairing disulfide bonds causes a chemical reaction in the hair that over time leads to hair breakage. So although there are immediate benefits to these products and they make hair healthier, this effect is short lived and it is possible that these products will make hair more damaged in the long term. 

Whenever a chemical reaction occurs in a biological system, it releases a byproduct. This is just the laws of conservation at work. In the case of repairing broken disulfide bonds, when a disulfide bond is repaired, the byproduct that is released is hydrogen peroxide. It is a small amount under haircare circumstances, however using these bond repairing products long term means exposing the hair to a significant amount of hydrogen peroxide which will lead to moisture loss, brittleness and damaged hair. The release of hydrogen peroxide into the hair can also be an issue for those with darker hair colors as it will cause the hair color to lift giving it a dull appearance. 

So how to fix this issue? 

I created a formula, which I call the OUMERE Bond Theory which contains a biological complex of peptides, antioxidants and enzymes which do three important things:

1. Scavenge for broken disulfide bonds in the hair

2. Repair the broken disulfide bonds

3. Break down the hydrogen peroxide byproduct into water and oxygen


Bond Theory does all of the above 100% naturally, and without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetic agents. However, because this is a natural product that repairs hair bonds 100% naturally, it takes a lot longer than commercial bond repair products. Therefore it is designed as a leave-in treatment and either can be applied overnight and rinsed off in the morning or left on until your next shampoo.

One thing I noticed that is interesting about this product is that it rapidly absorbs into dry hair. I applied about a teaspoon into the ends of my hair and at first it looked like I applied too much, but after 15 minutes my hair looked like it absorbed it completely. Other notable results include improved quality of the ends of my hair, faster hair growth and less dryness. 

This product is in the prototype phase and is available as part of the OUMERE Exclusive Offer Program. Once we finalize the formula it will be for sale as part of the OUMERE collection sometime in 2022.