This Simple Trick Will Save Your Skin

The OUMERE Arm’s-Length Rule

Before the Renaissance, it was unheard of for anyone other than royalty and priests to own mirrors. People probably had better skin during that time because mirrors are your skin’s worst enemy.

When you look in the mirror to check your skin, what do you do? If you’re like most, you get within an inch of the mirror, and pick at your skin. You pop that pimple, squeeze those blackheads, rub your skin and scrunch your face. That means: Inflammation, damage, pathogens and wrinkles.

And what for? Does anyone ever look at your face that close? In my entire life I think I have noticed a blackhead one time and that was because it was so big it could be seen from outer space. Pimples are something I hardly ever notice on other people unless its severe. And I am in the skin care industry, so imagine how much less everyone else is noticing the slight imperfections in your skin.

When we pick and prod at our skin we are making it worse. Aging is the accumulation of damage that occurs over time and when you extract blackheads and pop pimples, you are accruing damage that accelerates the aging process. When you extract or pop, you are damaging, weakening, and introducing bacteria and other pathogens to the skin which just invites the pimples and blackheads to come back. The resurgence occurs because blackheads and pimples need to be addressed with proper skin care, which will shrink pores and regulate oil levels and inflammation.

If I were to walk down a gravelly road barefoot, come home and my feet are bloody, dirty and swollen. The solution isn’t to take some antibiotics, put on a few band-aids and then venture out barefoot again tomorrow. The solution is to put on a pair of shoes.

The OUMERE Arm’s-Length Rule

Hold your arm out at full length, and touch a mirror. The distance between your face and your fingertips is the closest you should ever get to a mirror. This distance is how close most people will ever get to your face and this is how you should start viewing your skin. Notice how you don’t see those blackheads anymore? Or how that little pimple doesn’t seem so bad? That little line? You probably can’t even see it. And guess what? Now you are less tempted (if at all) to starting picking at your skin.

Less picking means:

    1. Less redness
    2. Less bacteria
    3. Less acne
    4. Less wrinkles

During this time you will likely start to be more gentle to your skin because you won’t be scrutinizing it under a microscope, looking for any and all flaws. When we treat our skin with respect, it will glow.

Give the OUMERE Arm’s-Length Rule 30 days. I am certain that you will notice not just an improvement in your skin, but your confidence in your skin and yourself.

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