Upgraded bottles, new products and more. What's new coming to OUMERE in 2020

By Wendy Ouriel

We are constantly evolving and improving as a company, and have listened to all of your feedback. Here are some of the updates coming to OUMERE in 2020:

1. Upgraded Bottle Design

We have improved the design of our scientific glassware for easier operation and better handling. The following fixes have been implemented in the new bottles:

Stronger glass to prevent breakage

In a science lab, glass breakage is inevitable because scientific glassware is fragile. OUMERE bottles are genuine scientific glassware, and as a result the bottles will have that same fragility as seen in the lab. We went back and thickened the wall of the glassware to prevent breakage. The new glass bottles will be sturdier, heavier and less prone to breakage if dropped.

Improved glass dropper design

The dropper will better seal the bottles to prevent leakage and the improved design will allow the dropper to go in and out of the bottle with greater ease.


Improved bulb design

The bulb of the dropper will have a slightly modified shape so you can dispense the product with greater ease.


Preserving the Luxury OUMERE Aesthetic
All of the above updates are done so without changing the look of the bottles. We kept the OUMERE scientific look you love while making the bottles even more friendly to use.

The new OUMERE bottles are in development now, and will be available in a few months.

Please stayed tuned to the blog and our social media for updates.

2. New OUMERE Products

After tremendous positive feedback from those in the Exclusive Offer program, we have decided to release both prototype products this year. 

We will be launching the first of our prototype products for general sale in the first part of 2020 and it will be the UV-R concentrate.

The UV-R concentrate is a product that I am excited to release for several reasons. Among them is a brand new bottle design that is patent-pending and that I designed from a modification from existing scientific glassware never seen before. However, the biggest reason why I am thrilled for this launch is the results that those who have experienced the product have seen in their skin. The UV-R Concentrate is a skin care must and is an important and exciting addition to the OUMERE range.

We are also planning on launching our sunscreen sometime in 2020 after extensive testing has been performed. 

3. OUMERE video blog

In 2020 I will also begin a video-version of the OUMERE blog that includes skin care discussions, demonstrations and explorations into skin care science. 


With 2019 coming to an end, I want to thank you for reading the OUMERE blog. If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts, please send me an e-mail at blog@oumere.com

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