How Bad Skin Care Gave Me Acne and Inspired Me to Start My Own Skin Care Company

The skin care industry is ironic. If I were an alien from outer space who understood English language, but knew nothing of humankind, its behavior, or its customs, I would assume that the term "skin care" would imply taking care of skin. You know, making it healthier. You could imagine my surprise if I learned that skin care usually makes skin worse, and is the root cause for many skin ailments. My alien brain would hurt from confusion, and I would decide to go to a different planet. There is no intelligent life here. Metaphors...

UV: The Aging Radiation

Mature Skin

All energy in the universe exists in a form of radiation. Radiation can be safe when it is in the form of visible light, radio waves, microwaves, and infrared rays, and extremely dangerous when in the form of gamma rays. The electromagnetic spectrum is the measure of all types of radiation found in the universe, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation (which is emitted from the sun) is included in the spectrum. One day of exposure to UV radiation is extremely unlikely to cause any long-term effects,...

Essential Oils: The fragrant danger in your skin care

essential oil bottles

Essential oils are not "essential" for anything. In fact, essential oils are the exact opposite of essential. Essential oils are inessential for your health and inessential in your skincare. Essential oils are downright bad for your skin.


Essential Oil Bottles
Essential oils may smell nice but they wreak havoc on your skin.



If essential oils are anything but essential, why...