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5 mistakes your esthetician is making that is aging your skin

I do not believe a facial is a good thing. A facial conisists of subjecting the skin to both chemical and mechanical damage that will leave the leave the skin aged even after one treatment.

In biology, aging is not getting older. Aging is the accumulation of damage over time. And when the body is exposed to mechanical and chemical stress, the accumulation of damage occurs quicker. 

A facial may feel nice, but the methods used during the treatment break down the skin and certain treatments can permanently and irreversibly damage and age the skin. 

Estheticians are not scientists, they are not doctors, and therefore they are not exactly qualified to be subjecting the body to the treatments that they perform on a daily basis. Regardless, for some reason they are allowed to put substances on the body that can have a stronger biological reaction than prescribed medicine. And because they are not scientists and are not trained in research, they are not able to determine which products or treatments are safe or unsafe when used in a biological system. It is for this reason that estheticians make constant, harmful mistakes during facials and other treatments, which makes your skin worse for wear and harms your health.

These are the 5 biggest mistakes your esthetician is making:

1. Use of essential oils

Essential oils are a cytotoxic agent and cause cell death by breaking down the plasma membrane of the cell. People who go to estheticians are often there to seek treatment for sensitive skin, acne, contact dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin disease. Essential oils will create skin disease such as acne and contact dermatitis, in addition to making the above skin diseases worse. The fact that estheticians use cell death promoting agents on customers coming to them for treatment is jarring to say the least.

After treatment, the skin is vulnerable to skin cancer because essential oils are sensitizing and the breakdown of the skin cell leaves the DNA vulnerable to mutation. 

Additional points:

Essential oils when inhaled (as in a diffuser used in a spa), can break down the epithelial lining of the lungs and airway which can cause chronic illness.

Essential oils are endocrine disruptors which can cause early breast development in girls and breast development in boys (gynocomastia). 

The endocrine disruption activity is alarming as well because it could lead to breast cancer and other cancers caused by hormonal disruption. 


2. Use of microdermabrasion, peels and harsh exfoliation

When skin cells are exfoliated or removed through microdermabrasion, peels or physical exfoliation (scrubs), live skin is removed with it, which causes pre-mature aging. In addition to premature aging, the aggressive removal of skin using the above methods will lead to the following health consequences:

- Inflamed, reddened skin

- Brittle skin

- Increased skin wrinkling and skin thinness

- Increase in inflammatory oil production in the skin

- Creation or worsening of acne, rosacea, dermatitis and other skin disease

- Microlacerations on the surface of skin

- Scar tissue formation which cannot be removed

- Hardening of skin to a leathered appearance over time

- Breakdown of the skin microbiome leading to skin illness

- Potential blood poisoning by opening the skin up, which creates a pathway for bacterial, fungal and viral infestation. 


The only safe exfoliation is light daily liquid exfoliation with a PHA/AHA exfoliant that works on the biological glue that holds dead skin to the surface of your skin. This sort of exfoliation will exfoliate without damaging the skin and works for all skin types.

3. Exposing the skin to heat

Heat is always harmful to the skin. When skin is exposed to heat, it causes the skin to dry out, which leads to early wrinkle formation. Skin also becomes inflamed from heat exposure which leads to collagen breakdown, the breakdown of the skin biome and the break down of the skin cell itself.

I believe the old wives tale that heat opens pores is the reason why estheticians use heat in their treatments. However, pores opening and closing due to temperature exposure is biologically impossible. Pores cannot open and close. Pores are not a flower during a day/night cycle. The reason why pores cannot open and close is because in order for something to open and close in the body in such a manner, there must be a muscular contraction causing the movement. Pores sit on the top layers of skin, far away from the influence of muscular contraction, and there is no muscle in the body whose job includes opening and closing of pores. 

Heat does not influence a muscular contraction in the skin, and therefore does not cause the pores to open or close. Neither does cold water. 

4. Extractions

Extractions are used to remove blackheads and pimples from the skin, however the "cure" is worse than the disease in this case. Extractions involve subjecting the skin to high levels of mechanical stress, which leads to inflammation at the least and permanent scarring at the worst. Specifically, the tools used for the extractions damage the cellular structure of the skin cells, which leads to physical deformities, inflammation and scarring. 

Blackheads should be removed through gentle oil based cleansing and pimples should just be left alone. When using extractions, the damage caused will leave the skin more susceptible to even greater amounts of pimpling and blackhead formation, and therefore should be avoided.

5. Microneedling

Microneedling inflames the skin and causes scar tissue collagen to form, which, for some, will give the illusion of "plump" skin, however this is just the body's inflammatory response from severe damage. When scar tissue collagen forms, it cannot be removed, and this means the damage from microneedling is permanent.

Damage reported from users of microneedling, even after 1 treatment include:

- Increased acne scarring

- Worsening or creation of skin redness

- Sagging skin around jawline

- Increased skin oiliness

Furthermore, the puncturing of skin cells will cause the DNA inside the nucleus to become damaged. This will either cause cell death or mutation which leads to cancer. 

Another alarming aspect of microneedling is that it opens the skin up in many areas, which creates a tunnel for pollution, bacteria, viruses and fungus to enter into the bloodstream. See image below of skin with a hole puncture from a needle. 


The Better Alternative

As a hypothetical, lets say there is an esthetician that makes no mistakes. This person uses no essential oils in their treatment, only safe liquid exfoliation, and causes no mechanical damage to the skin. Unless you are going and getting a facial by this person every day, you will see no benefit from their facials because skin care needs to be done every day to have any benefit. Skin care is like healthy eating and exercise, if you only eat healthy or exercise one day a week, you will not be a healthy person. And if you are only doing healthy skin care methods sporadically, you will not see any benefit either.

One of the principles of the OUMERE formulations is to only give you what you need and no more, no less. The full OUMERE range of products covers the key components necessary for skin balance and anti-aging, which makes getting facials unneccessary, and deserving of the claims "facial in a bottle."

When you have a proper daily skin care regimen, it makes facials not only unneccessary, but an obsolete method that you no longer need to waste your money or your time on. You are then free to do other things and get on with your life. And your skin will look better too. 







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