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The one big secret the skin care industry doesn't want you to know

A challenge that I faced when first starting OUMERE was answering this constant question: why do your products look so different than other skin care?

UV-R is a deep amber color, the No. 9 is red, Bioluminelle and Oil Dissolution Theory are in two layers and the oils are a rich green. Why is it that other skin care brands who use similar ingredients have clear or light yellow products and OUMERE is colorful? It is because OUMERE actually uses natural ingredients.  

That isn't just an empty claim that I am making. When I say that we use green tea extract, the OUMERE formula uses between 10-10,000 times more green tea extract than any other skin care brand. That is why UV-R is amber. When I say we use grapeseed extract, we actually use many many multitudes more than any other skin care brand. You can see it in the color.


OUMERE No. 9       VS. 

OUMERE No. 9 is on the left. On the right is a competitor product. Both claim to use grapeseed extract. The competitor on the right uses grapeseed extract as the main selling point for their product and boasts its "high concentration" of grapeseed extract. Compare OUMERE vs the other. Which one do you think is true to their claims? If you wanted pure skin care, which one would you choose?


There is a reason why Bioluminelle has an emerald green color to its oil layer, because of the carrot seed oil. When you compare it to other brands who also use carrot seed oil, why is it that their product is orange or yellow and ours is green? It is because pure unadulterated carrot seed oil is green. And an ultra concentrated formula with pure ingredients will reflect that.  


Both products use carrot seed oil. Oumere's Bioluminelle carrot seed oil (top layer) has a rich deep green color. The competitor uses adulterated and diluted carrot seed oil which is seen in the yellow color. 




And that is what separates OUMERE from the rest. Our formula.

The dirty little secret that skin care companies don't want you to know is that they don't use any discernable amount of natural ingredients in their formulas. No matter how much they advertise those natural ingredients, the amount that they use is just enough for them to legally claim it in their ingredient list. The true amount of extract is a drop in the ocean.

For example, there is a major beauty retailer in the United States who is known for their fragrant lotions. They make these batches of their "vitamin and plant extract-rich" lotions in sizes of 40,000 gallons. The amount of plant extracts and vitamins in that 40,000 gallons is less than 1 gallon. That is 0.0025%. The rest (which is almost 100%) is water,solvent, fragrance, emulsifier, stabilizers, pH adjusters and assorted chemicals to prolong the shelf life. 

You do not get what you think you are paying for. What you think you are getting is a natural, rich lotion that will make your skin healthy. What you are really getting is fragrant chemicals and damaged skin.

Furthermore, these companies only add the advertised oil, extract, vitamin, fragrance or peptide to the batch at the very end. The batches of lotions, serums, cleansers or anything else is the exact same formula used for an array of products, with the only change being that advertised oil, extract, fragrance, vitamin or peptide. The one that they use 0.0025% of. And you were wondering why no matter what skin care product you tried, they were never able to help your skin? It is because it is the exact same formula over and over again with just a different scent or a microscopic drop of a different extract.

What makes matters worse is that because the stock batch is used for hundreds of different products, that batch could be years old by the time the variance (oil/vitamin/fragrance) is added and then sold to you as a "new" product. Large companies have to order in those massive batches to keep their costs low and to keep a constant supply of inventory. So they make these large, generic batches, and keep them for years. And they are often kept in hot, unsanitary conditions and handled by sick workers. 

The OUMERE Difference

I knew something was wrong when I first started formulating OUMERE. I wasn't able to get the same color or consistency as commercial skin care brands. I would put a small amount of extract in the product that I was making, and what I made would still be a deeper color than the commercial brands. The commercial brands products were always clear, or faint in color. That meant that they were all using 1% of their TOTAL formula on between 5-30 oils, extracts, peptides and vitamins. That means that in a large jar of cream, or big vial of serum, one measly drop contained the entirety of all of the advertised "natural" ingredients.

I felt scammed by skin care and that is why I created OUMERE. When you order an OUMERE product, that product was made from fresh ingredients. Often times it was made the same day that it was sent to you. And you can see that the product contains everything that we say it does. And not just 1% either. The entire formula is a concentration of all the oils, extracts and peptides we claim in our ingredients. I formulated with results as the goal, and the only way to do that was with the high percentages of oils and extracts found in the formula. It needed to be done and I wanted to be the one to do it. Here is the result:


 OUMERE Serums


I believe this topic of misleading skin care claims and debunking a myth in the skin care industry, specifically that there is any discernable amount of oil or extract in your skin care is a whistleblowing subject. A friend of mine who knows all about whistleblowing, Oren Aks, was among those who spoke out against the Fyre Fest scam. So I invited him to discuss skin care, Fyre fest and how we are working to better our industries by making better products. If you are interested in learning more check out the video below

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