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This is how Serum Bioluminelle is made


If you ever wondered why your skin care once worked and then stopped, or just never worked at all, one of the reasons is because the product is stale. The product is stale because it was mass manufactured up to two years ago from ingredients that were purchased up to five years ago. 

And if you ever wondered why a product gave you a fungal or bacterial infection, it is because those ingredients were purchased from the cheapest source and manufactured by a third party factory.

OUMERE Skin Care is made every week right here in OUMERE Labs in Southern California. The freshness of the products is among the reasons for their powerful action on the skin and profound anti-aging results. Making skin care from raw materials every week here in the OUMERE facility is what makes the products of the highest quality. And do what they advertise. 


Here is how the Serum Bioluminelle is made


There are 10 plant extracts and 10 plant seed oils that combine together to make the Serum Bioluminelle.

The Skin care industry standard is purchasing ingredients powders from China and mass manufacturing the extracts in a factory.

The OUMERE difference is that our extracts are made right here at OUMERE and made every week. The oils and extracts are used in the highest concentration in the luxury skin care industry, which means a potent product. The industry standard for total oils and extracts in a luxury skin care product is 1-5%. In the serum Bioluminelle it is 99%. 

The broccoli sprout extract used in OUMERE's Serum Bioluminelle and UV-R is made right here at OUMERE from real broccoli sprouts grown in California. The process for extraction of the broccoli sprout extract takes one month because that is how you get the most potent and powerful extract. 

Each Bioluminelle is handmade from a combination of extracts and oils. The oil blend took 2 years to develop to create a unique concentration for each oil that would have the oils interact with each other to create a fatty acid profile that would balance the users oil levels, reduce acne and lock in skin's moisture. 

Haphazardly putting oils in a skin care product without any regard for their fatty acid content will cause acne, inflammation, skin breakdown and aging. This is why using oils the right way is a complex task and when done right will have a profound positive impact on skin. The wrong way will cause skin disease. 

Oils and extracts are measured out individually and combined without the use of chemical emulsifiers or solvents. The result is a two-layer product that hydrates the skin with the extracts and seals it in with the oils. 

Then poured into a sterilized Bioluminelle flask.


Quality, not quantity

The making of Serum Bioluminelle uses 0 mass machinery. No OUMERE product is mass-produced, factory-produced or machine-produced. OUMERE follows a different path from commercial skin care, and none of our products are produced in bulk in a factory and stored in a warehouse for years. 

Although this causes Serum Bioluminelle, and the rest of OUMERE products, to sell out quickly, it makes for a better product.

The Serum Bioluminelle flask is a genuine laboratory volumetric flask.

Once the bottle is sealed it is time to package it into the Serum Bioluminelle kit. The Serum Bioluminelle kit includes a glass stopper, travel vial with 5mL of serum, a vial dropper and quick start guide.


And then once everything is boxed up it is shipped to you directly. That means your bottle of Bioluminelle is potent, fresh and made with the best quality ingredients. 

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