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We are going green. This is how we are doing it. And how you can make a change too.

There is no denying it: There is a global pollution crisis. It began during the Industrial Revolution with toxic emissions released into the air. Then it moved onto the carbon emissions from motor vehicles in cities. Now, it is plastics. 

Plastics are everywhere: From the ocean to our food. Every day at least one million tons (2,000,000,000lbs ) of plastic is produced, and plastic will not biodegrade for 1000 years. That means plastic is building up faster than just about anything else on the planet. And there will be a point of no return soon where we will have more plastic on the planet than we can get rid of. 


The worst is that it isn't the individual who is the problem. You can recycle your FIJI water bottles and your takeout containers all you want but if big industries who are producing and wasting the vast majority of the worlds plastic don't do their part, your efforts will be drowned in a growing sea of pollution. 


The Steps We Are Taking Towards Green

When I first started OUMERE one thing that astounded me was how much waste there was, even for a small output. All of the materials I needed came in boxes. All of the bottles, components and containers were wrapped in plastic. Every carton had styrofoam padding, bubble wrap or packing peanuts. If a small startup was accumulating hundreds of pounds of waste products per month, it is alarming to realize how much waste bigger companies produce.

Well I don't want to be part of the pollution problem. I want to be part of the solution. So here are the steps we are taking at OUMERE to do our part towards producing less waste and being a 100% eco-friendly brand.

1. We are getting rid of all bubble wrap for OUMERE product shipping to you. Our new mailer boxes are coming soon and will be 100% recyclable material, made from cardboard and using soy inks.

2. We are getting rid of our PVC shrink bands that seal the bottles and will be using a 100% biodegradable material.

3. We are sourcing more of our ingredients locally to reduce our carbon footprint

4. We are recycling all materials and working with our manufacturers to package materials using as little as possible. 

5. The caps for the Travel Vials (in the Travel set and in your standard size and Luxuriant boxes) will now be made with 100% recyclable aluminum. We are getting rid of the caps with the plastic top. 

We will be a 100% plastic-free company by the end of the year.

You can also recycle all of your OUMERE bottles, boxes and components. I also think the bottles can be re-used for non-skin care purposes. I have heard that some customers re-use the bottles to hold flowers and the Bioluminelle bottle neck to hold rings.

Social media and how you can help

Change comes with awareness. The only way we are going to solve the plastic crisis is by producing less waste, picking up the trash and recycling what we have. And we are only going to put in the effort beyond a weekend beach cleanup if we are constantly motivated. 

True change will be done most effectively through social media. Yet we are drowning in a world of 'influencers' and no one is using their supposed influence for any good. Just selfies and free stuff.

So instead of being an "influencer" who just snaps photos of your legs on some beach, or shares a photo of your bathroom shelf full of makeup you don't need, be an "awarenesser". Someone who brings awareness to the issues our world is facing, and inspires others to help out. Inspiring change towards a better world is a lot better than inspiring others to buy lip injections and fast fashion.

Awarenessing is a social media cause I support.