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The OUMERE Travel Set - O U M E R E
The OUMERE Travel Set - O U M E R E

The OUMERE Travel Set

Sample the entire range with Oumere’s Travel Set.

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Big results, mini vials.

The OUMERE Travel Set contains OUMERE’s No. 9, UV-R, Serum Bioluminelle, Oil Dissolution Theory and The Eye Serum in 10mL vials.

It is the ideal choice for those who travel and for those who desire to sample the OUMERE range.

The vials come packaged in a compact magnetic closure box, making the OUMERE Travel Set the perfect companion for your journey abroad.

Made by OUMERE in OUMERE Labs, California

The OUMERE Travel Set

The OUMERE Travel Set comes with all of the components listed below:

  • + 10mL vial of No. 9 Daily Chemical Exfoliant
  • + 10mL vial of UV-R
  • + 10mL vial of Serum Bioluminelle
  • + 10mL vial of Oil Dissolution Theory
  • + 10mL vial of The Eye Serum
  • + 5 squeeze droppers
  • + 1 magnetic closure box
  • Full ingredient and direction guide can be found on the back of the Travel Set box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sara Angleston
Unbelievable Product

I found out about this company by enjoying reading the blog posts, which I found to be informative and refreshingly honest and straightforward. I then decided to purchase the travel set to try the skincare line, and after just a week my skin looks radiant, is very soft and hydrated, and my eyes look brighter than ever. I’ve never felt my face so hydrated continuously all day.
I’m in my 40s and take very good care of myself, and one thing that is crucial for me is finding the best products for my skin. These products are absolutely clean, luxurious, and my skin feels completely pampered after every routine. It’s become a new meditative ritual I’m grateful for and enjoy each day.
I’ve realized that in the past I’ve used very harsh products on my face in comparison. What I love is that the exfoliant and cleaner are very mild and create the perfect skin canvas for the serums and oil to be absorbed into.
So far I see that my fine lines are becoming even less noticeable and my skin is firmer and more youthful. I can’t recommend this enough and look forward to seeing the results in the next 6 months.
This is going to become a regular gift for special people in my life. Thank you to the Oumere team for creating such ground breaking products. The information, creations and knowledge are priceless!!!

Lynne Wolfe
Love these products!

These are the best products I have ever used! The facial oil cleanser is amazing and the dark circles under my eyes have disappeared since using the eye cream. I know I’m getting ingredients that work!

Better than anything ever tried before

I paid for the products, and I almost never ever bother reviewing a product. I waited four months to write a review to see how the effect kept going. I buy the travel set (would love to but the collection but will need an increase in available monthly cash flow for that ;-). But, especially since they added the eye serum to the travel set, it works super well for my everyday use. It last me around 2 months. (I don’t always remember to do my routine 2 times every day, and I also use it sparingly while still feeling like I am getting enough product) I feel like in her videos the amount she uses would be overkill for me. If I used as much, especially if the bioluminelle, I would be so shiny and greasy. So first of all, I am 45, I have always preferred natural organic products (not wanting to load toxic ingredients onto my face) and have relatively sensitive skin. I was however dining that the more natural and organic the product, I was getting skin sensitivity, it would cause breakouts, or redness as well as not cause any positive changes. When younger, I did not really care, and just often used coconut oil on my face and was just fine with that. After 40 though I noticed changes in my skin I wanted to change or halt, dryness, lines, lifeless…. I started thinking I would need to resort to retinoids or more expensive products. Those really bothered my skin, even the products like the osmosis line which is even more expensive and you need so many more products and in a year I did not see improvement but did see breakouts and increasingly red and sensitive skin. As I kept researching, I came across someone recommending Oumere and started reading Wendy’s blog and looking it the products. I decided to try them and have been increasingly please each mont. I am not going to lie and say that all my fine lines disappeared or that any age spots suddenly vanished. But each month my skin gets more balanced, no longer feeling dry ever, no longer sensitive and lines are softening and disappearing as well age spots fading. More importantly I feel like my skin looks more alive and like even if there is a line it is soft and glowing, if that makes sense . Much more youthful looking again, in fact it looks healthier than when I was younger. I barely wear any makeup over it. Just a lightly tinted sunblock and some bare mineral powder and a little blush. I feel like my skin looks good all day and I often forget to do my nighttime routine, partly because my skin does not feel dehydrated or bothered at end of the day begging me to “moisten” it. The truth is thus has replaced any other product and saves me money because for me it lasts 2 months but even if I used more and it only lasted a month, but cost me $100, I am good with that since I don’t have any other products to buy. I like that it works, seems to be increasingly making my skin better and more youthful again and happens to also not be full of toxic ingredients, but also not full of “organic” products that irritated my skin so badly. Plan on getting my 18 year old daughter started on it to juts take care of and keep her skin radiant. The only hard thing is they run out and so I have to be sure to order when they have stock to make sure I don’t run out.

Tiny miracles

I love this simple but effective regimen. My skin never feels stripped or dry, but always nourished and cared for after using the products. I read every article on the website before trying the products, after learning about Oumere from Debi Mazar’s IG post. Her beautiful skin convinced me to try it, and the travel set was a perfect way to get started. Very, very little product is needed, which made my travel set last me about 2 months. I love the products and plan to purchase the full sizes as I can. Looking forward to try the sunscreen next.

Maria Stone
Amazing product

Game changer if your serious about skin care. Save up your pennies to purchase; it s worth it!