Luxuriant Set™

Luxuriant Set™


Double the size, double the luxury. The only way to achieve age-reversal is with the full OUMERE routine, and the Luxuriant Set™ provides the entire range of OUMERE Skin Care in exclusive deluxe volume bottles so that you can carry out your skin care ritual day and night, without interruption. The Luxuriant Set™ is made by hand and assembled personally by an exclusive process in OUMERE Labs. Please allow additional processing time after your order is placed.

The deluxe volume bottles are exclusive to the Luxuriant Set™

The Luxuriant Set™ lasts 3-6 months with daily use

Not Tested on Animals


The OUMERE Luxuriant Set™ Contains:

No. 9 Daily Chemical Exfoliant (120mL volume)

UV-R (120mL volume)

Serum Bioluminelle (100mL volume)

Oil Dissolution Theory (250mL volume)

The Eye Serum (60mL volume)

Complimentary travel vials for each OUMERE product