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The Luxuriant Set - O U M E R E

The Luxuriant Set

Achieve age reversal with the comprehensive Oumere Skin Care range in exclusive deluxe bottles.

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The Luxuriant Set will restock on 04/01/2022

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The only way to achieve age-reversal is with the full OUMERE routine. The Luxuriant Set provides the entire range of OUMERE Skin Care in exclusive deluxe volume bottles so that you can carry out your skin care ritual day and night, without interruption.

The deluxe volume bottles are exclusive to the Luxuriant Set™ and are twice the volume of the standard size OUMERE products

The Luxuriant Set lasts up to 6 months with daily use.

The Luxuriant Set

The OUMERE Luxuriant Set comes with all of the components listed below and and contains everything that you need for your best skin, both at home and on the go. Your Luxuriant Set comes with the following inside:

  • + 120mL bottle of No. 9 Daily Chemical Exfoliant
  • + 120mL bottle of UV-R
  • + 100mL flask of Serum Bioluminelle
  • + 250mL bottle of Oil Dissolution Theory
  • + 60mL bottle of The Eye Serum
  • + 4 glass droppers
  • + 1 flask stopper
  • + 5mL travel size vial each of No. 9, UV-R, Serum Bioluminelle, Oil Dissolution Theory and The Eye Serum
  • + 4 travel vial cap

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tenley Cronan
Gives what it promises!

This is the second time I have splurged for the whole set at once. In the end it saves you and there is nothing so beautiful as the whole chemistry set on your shelf. Thsi time it took a bit longer for my reactive skin to settle down, I’m blaming it on covid!! I love the fluid textures of the solutions, it’s so different it feels exotic. I also like how really simple the process of skin care is with Oumere.


This is my 2nd Luxuriant Set. Nothing compares to the quality and perfection of Oumere products. Using the whole line is essential. I tired to just use the cleanser and exfoliant with (another moisturizer) and although they are excellent and I love them I noticed a huge difference when using the entire line. My skin feels and looks so plump hydrated smooth and glowing using the entire line. It’s worth the investment! Don’t buy the junk that is out there. Oumere is thee best!

sharon Hinchey
Such a feeling of joy

This set is aptly named...The bottles are so clean and appealing. The products are amazing. I feel as if for the first time i am really being proactive with my skin care regiment.. Because all the products I should be using are presented in one package, it gives me the opportunity to really follow a skin care regiment(mature) so that I can feel confidence in my skin care. I also bought this kit for both my daughters and after seeing how my skin is responding , they are excited to begin their regiments. We all appreciate the science involved in this skin care line.

Cat Grieve
An Absolute Godsend (... Science-send is more accurate, tho)

I'm 31 years old and I've had acne since I was 14 years old. I have tried everything under the sun -- truly, you name it, I tried it -- and nothing ever worked long-term. Treatments, products, medications, all that shit. I did finally do Accutane when I turned 30, and it was miserable but it was worth it. I have't had a cystic flare-up since. The last month of Accutane and the few months after, my skin was like glass. However, I did notice that around 5-6 months after I was done with Accutane, my skin wasn't flawless anymore. No big painful breakouts, but the clogged pores on T-zone were returning. Wanting to get that glass skin back, I flailed around, wasting money on a bunch of products that made turned my teeny clogged pores into full-blown flare-ups. I didn't even know how to take care of my skin anymore... and I guess I wondered if I ever had. It seemed like everyone had their very own "holy grail" product, and all of the advice from companies selling skincare products was about "finding what works for YOU." But that didn't make any sense to me -- skin is skin, there should be a CORRECT way to treat it. Even my dermatologist only ever told me to put Cerave on my face, which just made my skin super itchy and dry. Anyway, I truly can't remember because I was in such a panic, but somehow I found Wendy Ouriel's Bioluminescence blog. I read every single post at least twice over. I was amazed. Here was a woman, authoritative, honest, speaking truth to power. And for the first time in my life, what I was reading about skincare made sense. It made LOGICAL sense, and the rules applied to all skin, everywhere. And it explained all those wasted years trying to treat my acne -- the mystery: why doesn't anything work? Why did this work, but it stopped? Why is my skin worse, now? Armed with my new knowledge, I went through every skincare item in my cupboard and read all of the ingredients. Every single one of them had an irritant in them, including the $250 serums. I threw everything away immediately and bought The Luxuriant Set. A month later, my skin is not only perfectly clear, it has a youthful glow radiating from deep down that I haven't seen in the mirror since I was an actual child. It even feels soft and smooth. There's nothing like it. This is a dream I've had for a very long time. I wrote this review to say THANK YOU, and to encourage anyone who is still thinking about whether or not to purchase Oumere to just do it, already. It's worth every penny. This company has my business for life.

Complete Skin Makeover

Having adult cystic acne for 10+ years, then developing wrinkles and melasma is disappointing, to say the least. I'd become increasingly desperate over the years, trying thousands of dollars of products and treatments. I was nervous to pay the price for the Luxuriant Set... what if it didn't work or (like all the other products I'd bought) made my skin even worse? But after reading the reviews and all the information provided on the blog, I decided this was my last hope.

The transition was a little rough: Chemical exfoliants are known to initially make breakouts worse and that happened for several weeks in my case. For a few days, it looked like literally every pore on my face was congested. It also took a few weeks for my face to adjust to the topical oils. But I'm so grateful I stuck with it. After the breakouts cleared, my skin looks so clear has such an incredible glow! I can hardly believe it! And my skin feels so supple and hydrated, like no other feeling I've gotten from any other "hydrating" lotion, oil, or serum. Though my favorite is the UV-R (what a masterpiece!!!!!), I love all the products in this set and can't imagine ever going back. Oumere has (finally) given me great skin and I can barely express my gratitude and relief.