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The Luxuriant Set

Double the size, double the luxury. Experience the Full OUMERE range in one set with OUMERE’s most exclusive product.

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The only way to achieve age-reversal is with the full OUMERE routine. The Luxuriant Set provides the entire range of OUMERE Skin Care in exclusive deluxe volume bottles so that you can carry out your skin care ritual day and night, without interruption.

The deluxe volume bottles are exclusive to the Luxuriant Set™ and are twice the volume of the standard size OUMERE products

The Luxuriant Set lasts up to 6 months with daily use.

The Luxuriant Set

The OUMERE Luxuriant Set comes with all of the components listed below and and contains everything that you need for your best skin, both at home and on the go. Your Luxuriant Set comes with the following inside:

+ 120mL bottle of No. 9 Daily Chemical Exfoliant
+ 120mL bottle of UV-R
+ 100mL flask of Serum Bioluminelle
+ 250mL bottle of Oil Dissolution Theory
+ 60mL bottle of The Eye Serum
+ 4 glass droppers
+ 1 flask stopper
+ 5mL travel size vial each of No. 9, UV-R, Serum Bioluminelle, Oil Dissolution Theory and The Eye Serum
+ 4 travel vial cap

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The best

This is my 2nd Luxuriant Set . My skin is glowing. I love it. I always have High pigmentations. After using OUMERE skin line . My skin clean . I love soo much

The luxuriant set

Luxuriant doesn’t even begin to describe what this set is. Not only beautiful to look at, but the best skincare I’ve ever used. It is quite expensive, but when you think about how much you can spend on pocketbooks and that you will eventually throw away....the skin you have is with you forever. This is so worth the investment