Return Shipping charge

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Please read:

In the event that an order is sent back to OUMERE due to (but not limited to) failure to sign for a package when a signature was required, providing an incorrect address and/or providing an undeliverable address, or attempting a return when all sales are final the customer will be responsible for paying return shipping charges to receive their order, per OUMERE's Terms and Conditions and Shipping and Return Policy

OUMERE will hold returned items until return shipping has been paid, for a maximum of 30 calendar days from the time it has been received in our facility. If, after 30 calendar days has passed, and the customer has not paid their return shipping fee, the order is considered abandoned and the customer will have to re-purchase products.

When OUMERE returns the order after the customer has paid their return shipping fee, the order is sent back in the exact condition that it was received in our facility. OUMERE does not open the carton containing the order, inspect products or replace any items. OUMERE is not responsible for (but not limited to) product breakage, product spoilage, product damage, or any other factors that would deem the products not suitable for use due to the items being sent back and forth from leaving our facility, attempted delivery to the customer and then returned to OUMERE. 


Directions for paying return shipping:

1. Click "Add to Cart" button 

2. Click on the shopping cart in the upper right corner of screen

3. Agree to Terms and Conditions on checkout page and click "Check Out"

4. Fill out your billing and shipping information. 

5. Shipping via USPS carries no additional charge, choosing FedEX levies additional charges

6. Click "Complete Order"


*Note that some customers may be subject to sales tax