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The OUMERE Travel Set - O U M E R E

The OUMERE Travel Set

Sample the entire range with Oumere’s Travel Set.

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The OUMERE Travel Set contains OUMERE’s No. 9, UV-R, Serum Bioluminelle and Oil Dissolution Theory in 10mL vials.

It is the ideal choice for those who travel and for those who desire to sample the OUMERE range.

The vials come packaged in a compact magnetic closure box, making the OUMERE Travel Set perfect for those who want to take their OUMERE Skin Care on the go.

The OUMERE Travel Set

The OUMERE Travel Set comes with all of the components listed below:

  • + 10mL vial of No. 9 Daily Chemical Exfoliant
  • + 10mL vial of UV-R
  • + 10mL vial of Serum Bioluminelle
  • + 10mL vial of Oil Dissolution Theory
  • + 4 squeeze droppers
  • + 1 magnetic closure box

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amazing product

Game changer if your serious about skin care. Save up your pennies to purchase; it s worth it!

The best skincare around

I stumbled upon Oumere by chance and boy am I glad I did. I was happy to be able to sample the Oumere range with the Travel Set. All of Oumere's products are great individually, but when you use them together is when you will see the biggest difference imho. My skin is much clearer ( longtime acne surfer here) and tone much more even and brighter. I also have skin that is somewhat sensitive and dehydrated at times and this range works wonders for me. Can't imagine my skincare routine without Oumere nowadays. Love!

Clean skin care

The ingredients are fantastic! The texture and weight of the products in the travel set are little to heavy for what my skin needs right now.

Mini miracles

If you want to try this spectacular skincare line, this is the way to do it. Once you try it, you will be forever hooked. You can then reuse these minis over and over again for travel and fill them up with products from
The full sizes you are sure to get! As a side note, customer service is amazing. I’ve had a million questions and they have not yet deleted me!

Great way to sample the Oumere product line

I purchased the travel kit to sample the Oumere line before making an investment in the full size products. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and I absolutely fell in love with the UV-R and Bioluminelle serums. I live in an extremely dry climate and had my doubts that a serum like product could fully hydrate my skin. The UV-R is pure magic and my skin absolutely loves it! It also has helped even out my skin tone and texture. The only product which I was not a fan favorite of was the Oil Dissolution Theory. I do wear light makeup around my eyes and it's just not quite enough to remove all of it.