The OUMERE Travel Set - O U M E R E

The OUMERE Travel Set

Take your skin care on the go, or sample OUMERE’s top products with the OUMERE Travel Set

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The OUMERE Travel Set contains OUMERE’s No. 9, UV-R, Serum Bioluminelle and Oil Dissolution Theory in 10mL vials.

It is the ideal choice for those who travel and for those who desire to sample the OUMERE range.

The vials come packaged in a compact magnetic closure box, making the OUMERE Travel Set perfect for those who want to take their OUMERE Skin Care on the go.

The OUMERE Travel Set

The OUMERE Travel Set comes with all of the components listed below:

+ 10mL vial of No. 9 Daily Chemical Exfoliant
+ 10mL vial of UV-R
+ 10mL vial of Serum Bioluminelle
+ 10mL vial of Oil Dissolution Theory
+ 4 squeeze droppers
+ 1 magnetic closure box

Customer Reviews

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Some requests for travel set

I love having the travel set but would like to suggest a few things.
1. Could the travel set include the Eye Serum? I had my eye serum in a separate makeup bag but unfortunately it broke.
2. Could Oumere create a larger container to accommodate more bottles or a larger bottles for an extended trip? Thank you- I just don’t want run out of my Oumere products because my skin has never felt better. I bought a second travel set so that I always have back up.
Thank you for your passion commitment to beautiful and healthy skin.


Love it

I bought this set to test out the Oumere range. I haven’t used the no.9 exfoliant myself, but my husband really likes it. As of the other three products, I love them all and use them daily. My routine has become minimal using these products with great results. The cleanser and uv-R gave me 5 days of use, while the Serum Bioluminelle is still only half used. I usually empty some product from the full size big bottles into these travel size bottles and keep the bigger bottles stored, just so that I don’t break them.

I am eagerly waiting to try the advancement concentrate and uv concentrate, don’t really know when they will be out for sale.