Travel Set

Travel Set


The OUMERE Travel Set contains OUMERE’s No. 9, UV-R, Serum Bioluminelle and Oil Dissolution Theory in 10mL vials, and is ideal for those who want to sample each product before purchasing the full size. The samples come packaged in a compact magnetic closure box, making the OUMERE Travel Set perfect for those who want to take their OUMERE Skin Care on the go.

Each vial contains 10-20 doses of product

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The OUMERE Travel Set Includes:

1 10mL Serum Bioluminelle™

1 10mL UV-R™

1 10mL No. 9™ Daily Chemical Exfoliant

1 10mL Oil Dissolution Theory™ Cleanser

4 squeeze dropper tips

1 magnetic closure box