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A short while ago I went out for some late night archery practice in a wooded area. After an hour or two I felt drowsy and thought I would 'rest my eyes' for about 10 minutes, so I lied down to take a quick nap. Well 10 minutes turned into dawn and I woke up with bug bites all over my face. I left my lantern on the whole night which attracted mosquitoes and other local insects, leaving my face pretty itchy and with at least 10 bites.

I went back home and did my best to not scratch my itchy face, but I needed to get ready for a morning meeting so I went ahead with my morning skin care regimen.  First step is of course, No. 9 so I applied it to my skin as usual. My skin burned for a second on the spots where there were bug bites and I thought for a moment that it may have been a bad idea to exfoliate on bitten skin. I went to get dressed and it hit me that the itching that had been nagging all morning had stopped. 

I wondered if it could have been the No. 9 that ceased the itchiness, so I dabbed a little bit on my legs and arms where I had a few other itchy mosquito bites and the same thing happened: a slight burn and then the itchiness disappeared.

The No. 9 worked better than any anti-itch cream, spray or solution I have tried before because it either made the itchiness go away completely, or it made the itchiness subside for 10-12 hours. 

Since summer is upon us, so are bugs. If you get a bug bite that itches, No. 9 may be a good and natural alternative to pharmaceutical or synthetic anti-itch treatments. Be sure to spot treat first and just be sure to not use it on an open wound.