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Exclusive Offers

Before OUMERE releases a product to the general public for sale, the product is first made available through the OUMERE Exclusive Offer Program for existing OUMERE customers. The final formula is the tireless result of meticulous research and dependent upon many factors, including the feedback of those who were among the first to test the prototype products. 

To purchase a product through the OUMERE Exclusive Offer Program, please send your request to


 The OUMERE products below are currently in the prototype phase

Bond Theory
The first hair product from OUMERE, Bond Theory is the hair superconcentrate formulated to repair damaged hair. The rich and luxurious cream-serum complex contains biological scavengers that search for and repair broken disulfide bonds naturally, making Bond Theory the first disulfide-repairing system that functions 100% naturally and without the use of harsh, hair-damaging chemicals. Apply overnight and rinse off in the morning or can be used as a leave-in treatment. Suitable for all hair types. 
Price available upon request

The Advancement Concentrate (patent pending)
The culmination of 5 years of intense age-reversing biological research, The Advancement Concentrate is powerful scientific results in a bottle.  We have utilized the rarest and most potent anti-aging peptides in the world and formulated them to create The Advancement. The ultra-concentrated formula delivers profound age-reversing results when used in the evening before application of Serum Bioluminelle. The Advancement is the ultimate union of science and luxury.
Price available upon request

UV-R Concentrate (patent pending)
The evening is a time for rejuvenation and restoration. Aging of the skin is merely the long-term accumulation of cellular damage and OUMERE has discovered the way to prevent such damage from occurring. The UV-R Concentrate is the sister serum to UV-R, with the most powerful and potent age-reversing extracts of UV-R in concentrated form. When UV-R and the UV-R Concentrate are used together the skin is protected from the cellular causes of aging, and aging is reversed. The result is youthful skin. 

Price available upon request