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OUMERE is opening its first store this fall

After many years of being exclusively online I have decided to open up a brick and mortar store for OUMERE. 

I have been looking for a year for the best location and I  have obtained a store in the exclusive shopping district of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida. Worth Avenue is known for its Vias, alcoves that lead to courtyards reminiscent of Italy. OUMERE is located in Via Amore adjacent to famous brands such as Chanel, Tiffany’s and St. John. 

I wanted to make the Oumere store different, because I have noticed a decline in the appeal of luxury shopping over the last 3 years. When you go into a store the sales associates are unhelpful. There are crowds. There is no inventory and therefore there is no appeal to shopping in store over online. 

I have designed the OUMERE store to be a destination experience. Firstly, it will be an appointment only store. The reason being, when you come in, I want you to know you will be taken care of and have a pleasant experience. The private shopping appointment means you can come in with the expectation that you will be treated to great one on one service, you will have exclusive access to the OUMERE store and you can try on the skin care in a private setting away from a crowd. The private shopping appointment is free of charge and open to everyone. 

The store has a consultation area in one side of the store and these are for the private OUMERE consultations which have been done virtually until now. Private consultations are held by myself and can be booked for 30-60 minutes. The consultations are for those who need to understand their skin care needs, want to discuss how to anti-age their skin in the long term, have a tailored routine and discuss all aspects of skin care in more depth. The consultation ends with a personalized Oumere skin care plan and private shopping experience in store. 

The OUMERE store also has a beauty bar to try on Oumere skin care and soon, Oumere Cosmetics. The Oumere store will carry certain products that will be exclusive to the Oumere store. The store offers the opportunity to experience the look and feel of Oumere before buying and take home samples are not available. 

The OUMERE store will also hold monthly lectures where I discuss topics in skin care and skin care research along with a Q&A session. These events will be posted here on the Mask of Vanity Blog, OUMERE Instagram and event newsletter.  

Above everything else, I want the store to be a fun, relaxing and enjoyable destination where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. It’s decor is representative of the Oumere brand and done completely by myself over the last 6 weeks.

If you would like to make an appointment to come by the store, please visit the OUMERE Instagram for a Book now link or go Here

Thank you and I hope to see you there.