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The OUMERE guide to Redness, Rosacea and Inflammation

Skin redness is a common complaint people have about their skin, and I believe that this must be a modern complaint, and that skin redness is primarily a modern condition created by skin care companies. 

The ingredients within 99% of skin care products cause skin redness.. Products containing alcohols, essential oils, inflammatory plant oils, scrubs, or harsh preservatives can all exacerbate rosacea or create skin redness and inflammation. 

Product packaging also plays a role in damaging skin. Plastic packaging leeches chemicals into the skin care product which causes skin damage. Plastic packaging from drugstore brands to ultra-luxury brands are also often purchased from China and are not cleaned before being filled with the skin care you apply to your face. The bacteria, mold and fungus then goes in and on your body contributing to skin and health issues. 

I also believe that the mass manufacturing of skin care and its long-term storage in dirty, hot warehouses for years contributes to the breakdown of the skin care product, which creates chemicals such as benzene to be synthesized in the product which at the very least leads to skin redness and inflammation, and the very worst cancer and other disease.


Here at OUMERE, we use no skin sensitizing/damaging ingredients. We use no fragrance, essential oils, terpenes, drying alcohols, harsh preservatives or skin abrasives. We house our products in clean glass bottles and the products we make are made every day, not every year. Our efforts all translate to a cleaner, better product that works. When you do anything less, this means a contaminated product that causes disease.


Below I created a guide on how to begin working on skin redness, if this is a problem that you would like alleviated.

Follow this guide until you see significant redness reduction, then add No. 9 as the first step in your morning routine, and diluted according to the enclosed guide that comes with your No. 9 purchase. The reason for waiting to use No. 9 is because exfoliation at first can be too much for inflamed skin, but once skin has improved, it is an invaluable step for preventing skin redness because it will contribute to stronger skin. But with long-term skin improvement, it is important to move in baby steps, not big leaps to achieve your best skin. 

You can also add the Eye Serum in the evening as an additional customization to the below routine. 




Additional tips


To further prevent skin redness, I recommend the following:

1. Use distilled water to rinse your skin in the evening. 

2. Avoid hot and warm water on the skin 

3. Keep your OUMERE skin care in the refrigerator

4. Avoid spicy foods

5. If you have rosacea, keep a journal to determine the causes of flare-ups.

6. Choose watery and light serums and avoid creams. 

7. If you have rosacea or severe skin redness or sensitivity, choose skin care over makeup. Makeup will make rosacea, redness and sensitivity worse and will prevent any chance of improvement.