Ask a Skin Care Biologist Episode 1

In this first video episode of Ask a Skin Care Biologist, I am answering all of your questions submitted via instagram. The video series for Ask a Biologist will be published every week. Want your question answered in an upcoming video? Just follow the OUMERE Instagram page @Oumereskincare and stay tuned for our AaSCB story posted every Wednesday where you can submit your questions to be answered live the following day.


The questions answered in this first episode include:



1. If I have a zit what should I do to care for it and what should I avoid?

2. What exactly does the UV-R serum do?

3. Do high frequency wands work for skin health/anti-aging?

4. How long is too long to be applying an antibiotic and retinoid gel on acne?

5. Do skin delivery enhancers degrade the skin's structure long-term?

6. Would you explain more about OUMERE's proprietary extracts?

7. What percentage of AHA is safe to put on redness-prone skin every day?

8. Is dermaplaning ok for the face?

9. How can I manage demodex mites without using essential oils?


In case you missed it on Instagram, the videos will also be posted here and on Youtube.