Become an OUMERE VIP when you join the OUMERE VIP Rewards program.





 The OUMERE VIP Program

Earn 1 point towards every $1 spent at OUMERE.com and earn your way to VIP Status. OUMERE VIPs receive many exclusive benefits including complimentary OUMERE gift cards, virtual consultations, the first experience of new OUMERE products and access to the OUMERE Exclusive Offer Program.

To join the OUMERE VIP Rewards program, login to your existing account at oumere.com or if you do not have an account, click the OUMERE VIP/ OUMERE VIP Rewards tab located on the oumere.com homepage at the bottom righthand corner of your screen. Click Start Earning to create an account. Your purchases after creating a rewards account will generate points towards your VIP status at oumere.com.

Current VIP Tiers:
OUMERE Gold: Obtained upon first purchase
OUMERE Platinum: 2,500 points
OUMERE Red: 10,000 points


Points are not transferrable and purchases made prior to the creation of the VIP Rewards program do not qualify for points, cannot be redeemed for points or transferred for points. Terms of the OUMERE VIP Rewards program are subject to change without notice. OUMERE reserves the right to edit, suspend and/or revoke VIP points or membership at any time for any reason. One VIP code can be redeemed per order. OUMERE reserves the right to end or alter the VIP program and its terms at any time and without notice. 



Question: How do I see my point balance?

Answer: Click on the VIP tab on the oumere.com site to log in to your VIP account and see your point balance. From this page you can also apply your points towards your next purchase. 

Question: I have already created an account at oumere.com, do I need to create a separate account for the OUMERE VIP Rewards Program?

Answer: No. The OUMERE VIP Rewards Program is connected to your account at oumere.com. In order to generate points for your purchases, please make sure to have an existing account at www.oumere.com prior to making your purchases. Purchases made without an account do not qualify for VIP points and are not transferrable. Please make sure you login to your account prior to making your purchase to earn points on your next oumere.com order.


Question: I have made oumere.com purchases in the past, do these purchases qualify for points towards the OUMERE VIP Rewards Program?

Answer: All purchases made on March 1, 2022 and forward qualify towards OUMERE VIP points. Purchases made prior to March 1, 2022 do not qualify for points.


Question: What are the benefits to each VIP tier? 

Answer: The OUMERE Platinum and OUMERE Red tiers come with many benefits including OUMERE gift cards, complimentary OUMERE products, access to the OUMERE Exclusive Offer Program and a complimentary Virtual Consultation. 


Question: Do the OUMERE VIP Points expire?

Answer: Points expire 24 months after the purchase date from which they were earned. 


Question: Can I gift my points to another person?

Answer: Points are not transferrable and cannot be gifted or transferred to another account. 


Question: Can my purchases at an OUMERE retail location be used for points at oumere.com?

Answer: At this time only purchases made at www.oumere.com qualify for VIP points and benefits. 


Question: How can I redeem my VIP points?

Answer: To see your point balance and redeem your points, log into your VIP account by clicking the VIP tab at the bottom of any OUMERE page. A code will be created to redeem your VIP gift at checkout. One code can be used per order.


Question: I do not see my points in my account after making my purchase, what should I do?

Answer: Please contact us at customerservice@oumere.com