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The Collection Set - O U M E R E

The Collection Set

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Experience the full range of OUMERE Skin Care with The Collection set. This luxurious box set contains everything you need for your best, most beautiful and youthful skin in one complete kit.

The Collection includes everything you need to complete your OUMERE Skin Care routine:

The Collection box is travel friendly to take your OUMERE with you on the go. Full instructions can be found on the back of the box and in the enclosed user guides. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Breanna L.

I was introduced to these products a few years ago. All I can say is that they have been life changing. I will NEVER use another skin care product. I can't find anything that is comparable and to be honest I don't want to! Ever since I have been using these products I have never gotten so many compliments on my skin. My dermatologist specifically compliments me on my skin every time I see her. I believe this product has truly made me look younger as my skin is more moisturized and dewy. These are products I would HIGHLY recommend splurging on. Your skin is important and especially the skin on your face. Thank you Wendy for creating this incredible skin care line! I don't know what I would be using if it wasn't for you!

Joyce Taing
Amazing results!!

My skin has never looked so good and so smooth! I have used so many skincare products from drugstore to high end. Nothing compares to the efficacy of this skincare regimen. I wake up and go to bed excited to use these products because I know I am doing something good for my skin. I will be purchasing the luxuriant set once it becomes available.

Stacy Bauckham
Love your products

I have been using your products since July and have noticed a nice change. My skin looks bright, clean and refreshed....even around my eyes which used to look tired and dark. And yes, your products are expensive but at my age, approaching 60.....I feel self care is important so I consider this a wonderful splurge just for me. Also with proper usage, I hope the products will last for many months. Thrilled to have found you!

Jennifer Bell
Best skincare I have ever used

I am a 41 year old woman with combination skin and adult acne. When I switched to Oumere it took a little getting used to. So I diluted the bioluminelle with water in my hand so it was a bit lighter. I had some breakouts and I didn’t see huge results at first. I started with just the travel set but I liked it and believed in the end results so I bought another one. My skin had finally purged whatever needed to get out and adapted to this gentle cleansing system. (As well, I got used to how to use it) and I bought the Luxuriant Set. I’ve been using Oumere for 2 years now and I am madly in love with the product. My skin looks incredible. I rarely wear much makeup now and when I do it’s pretty light. People tell me all the time how amazing my skin is. I go to med spas for consults and more than once I have heard “your skin looks amazing…whatever you’re doing, keep doing it” In fact, I can barely get them to agree to do treatments on me because I don’t really need them. My skin is clear and fresh and I only see breakouts when I travel without my product and use something less quality. So I try to always have my travel bottles handy. I love what Wendy is doing. I hope I can always purchase the products. I wish there were products for the whole body because I could bathe in this stuff. If you’re new to using it, be patient, it’s strange using liquid instead of creams. But it all makes sense as there aren’t a bunch of fillers and binders in the product. You’re just getting a really pure product that literally heals, protects and rejuvenates the skin. I will also add that I am a licensed Cosmetologist and Cosmetology Instructor and I have access to professional skincare used in spas and a salons and I choose Oumere.

Katrina T
Great Product, Not Great Customer Service

So far I feel like my skin is really loving Oumere and I really like the look of and quality of the bottles. The magnetic tops are really cool while also being practical. Texture, lines and breakouts have all been considerably improved from just a couple weeks of use. I’m not sure how long the set lasts so depending on that, the price is prohibitive for most and I don’t love supporting brands that aren’t accessible. It’s also annoying that they run out of product regularly, but presuming that’s eco related then I’m ok with it, but you definitely will have to remember to order well in advance. I appreciated that their packaging overall seemed pretty low waste and that their bottles are entirely glass/metal. I did feel like the customer service was pretty rude and cold and dismissive at times though, which I didn’t appreciate. I was given an estimate of the time it would take my order to arrive and it kept perpetually being delayed by two weeks more than once without giving me any kind of status update. Even though it was a preorder it was really stress inducing to have paid so much money up from (almost $800) and have no word from customer service and be forced to check in regularly myself. As a new customer this was really unsettling because since this product isn’t sold in stores it was hard to know if I could trust they were a real company, especially since their reviews seem to largely be confined to their own website which is always a bit suspicious. I wish the customer service team was more understanding of that and more patient with their customers.