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Step 2 in the OUMERE morning regimen, step 3 in the OUMERE evening regimen.

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The age-reverser.

UV-R is scientifically formulated to work in concert with the entire OUMERE range to elicit profound age reversing results, and is the first and only serum that exclusively works to improve skin's damaged appearance caused by daily, long-term sun exposure and environmental stressors.

UV-R's potent youth-preserving extracts are made in OUMERE Labs™ and the advanced fermentation process requires one month to create one batch of UV-R™.

Made by OUMERE in OUMERE Labs, California

The UV-R Box

The OUMERE UV-R kit comes with every UV-R purchase and contains everything that you need for your best skin, both at home and on the go. Your UVR kit comes with the following inside:

  • + 60mL bottle of UV-R
  • + 1 magnetic dropper
  • + 1 UV-R quick start guide
  • +1 travel-friendly box


Use UV-R as the first serum in your morning OUMERE regimen after application of No. 9. In the evening, use UV-R after applying The Eye Serum.

Use before the Serum Bioluminelle step in your day and evening skin care regimen. Apply several drops onto fingertips and gently massage onto all areas that are exposed to the sun. Allow UV-R™ to seep into the skin for at least one minute before applying additional products.

The results of UV-R are most profound after use in the long-term, specifically you will notice that your skin looks markedly younger compared to others of a similar age. 


* UV-R™ is not intended to replace sunscreen. Use only as directed.


Scientifically shown to improve appearance of UV-damaged skin


 Taken from medicinal mushrooms, cordyceps extract, when topically applied can improve skin's aged appearance


Natural anti-aging ingredient scientifically shown to improve appearance of UV-damaged skin


Mulberries have one of the highest natural concentrations of resveratrol in nature, 10x more than what is found in grapes. Resveratrol has been found to improve aged skin to a physically younger appearance 


 Rich source of flavonoids to improve appearance of dark spots (hyperpigmentation) caused by UV damage


Protects collagen production, which keeps skins appearance youthful


 Abundant source of tannic acid, which assists with keeping skin's appearance youthful



Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*°, water*, broccoli sprout extract*°, mulberry extract*°, glycerin*, propanediol*, cordyceps extract*, cilantro extract*°, Polygonum aviculare extract*, ginseng extract*, Camellia sinesis (green tea) leaf extract*, phenyoxyethanol, sorbic acid*, caprylyl glycol*



  • Improvement of appearance of redness
  • Improvement of appearance of skin hydration levels 
  • Improvement in appearance of skin inflammation
  • Improvement in appearance in aged skin

+ 60mL bottle of UV-R

+ 1 UV-R quick start guide

+ 1 travel-friendly box

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Kim Garcia
Finally pretty skin

I’ve been using Oumere for a few months now and what a difference! No more redness. My skin is smooth and the uneven skin spots are gone. I threw all the junk skin stuff I’ve been using. At age 65 I’ve tried every brand you can imagine, and this is it!
It’s all natural ingredients and worth every penny!
Thanks Oumere 👍

Janna Muhyeldin
Evened out skin tone

This evened out my skin tone I don’t need as much makeup as before I’m 39 and today my daughter commented said I look 27! She said I have been looking younger lately, the UVR and the no.9 are the only 2 things I’ve added to my skin care routine

Sarya malik
The best

All I have to say, I hope for the longevity of the company. I am 42 years old and I have tried every Skincare from top of the range expensive to medium range to all the rage in social media, but alas it is the silent one that stunned me with the results. I have now purchased the other range. I just wish they stock in UK, as when I received the bottle it was stuck in box and I nearly broke it.

If you only buy 1 Oumere product, this is the one to get!

This serum is incredible. Light, moisturizing, my skin shows a visible difference when I use it. If you can only splurge on one Oumere product, try this one!

Amazing Hydration

My skin drinks the UVR in and feels so instantly hydrated, I just love the feeling I get when I use it! It penetrates deeply and I wait a minute or so before I apply the Bioluminelle on top. Don’t skip this step it’s absolutely necessary and provides instant hydration, age reversing benefits and fixes damaged skin! I don’t have sun damaged skin but I still wouldn’t go without it. It feels amazing when applied after the No9 and is good for my skin. I love the UVR!