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OUMERE is launching a perfume this spring

Although I don’t formulate with fragrance, I have been wanting to add a perfume to OUMERE for a while. The hesitation I have had was that perfume sprayed on the skin can cause skin issues and go into the bloodstream and cause interior problems. 

However, I have used perfume for years without issue because I have always sprayed my fragrance on my clothes and hair. Neither touch the skin and both methods provide the effects of fragrance without the insalubrious consequences. 

A very talented perfumer and myself have been working on a signature scent for OUMERE and we are narrowing down the selection now. The OUMERE perfume will be unisex and have notes of cherry, vanilla, musk and a few other scents mixed in. I am making this scent without floral notes, and without dyes. Floral notes tend to give an elderly smell that I’m avoiding, and since the perfume should go on clothes and hair, it needs to be clear to avoid staining. 

The final selections will be narrowed down to a single scent. We will be having a sampling and selecting event in the Oumere boutique in the upcoming weeks to decide on the final fragrance. To attend, please follow the OUMERE Instagram and newsletter for the invite and send in your RSVP.