Exclusive Offers

Before OUMERE releases a product to the general public for sale, the product is first made available through the OUMERE Exclusive Offer Program. The final formula is the tireless result of meticulous research and dependent upon many factors, including the feedback of those who were among the first to test the prototype products. 

To purchase a product through the OUMERE Exclusive Offer Program, please send your request to customerservice@oumere.com

Entry into the OUMERE Exclusive Offer Program is limited to OUMERE Platinum VIP and OUMERE Red VIP members. 


 The OUMERE products below are currently in the prototype phase

The Advancement II Concentrate

The Pinnacle of anti-aging serums. The sister serum to The Advancement, the Advancement II Concentrate is to be used in the evening to repair, correct and anti-age the skin overnight. More concentrated with additional, more powerful peptides the Advancement II Concentrate is the peak of anti-aging skin care potential.

Price available upon request 



No. 9: Body

The first liquid exfoliant for the body, experience the anti-aging effects of No. 9 now for the body. 

Price available upon request

Micellar Water

A light, oil-free cleansing water for a luxuriously easy cleansing experience. Use before Oil Dissolution Theory for a boost to your OUMERE cleansing routine or on its own for a lighter cleansing step. Can be used as a makeup remover prior to cleansing with Oil Dissolution Theory for a more thorough cleansing routine. 

Price available upon request