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The New Eye Serum Packaging

Besides formulation the big challenge with skin care is packaging, and packaging is a subtle indicator of a brands intentions towards their customer. If you look at the spectrum of skin care products, the bottles are mostly the same. Whether it is a $500 bottle of serum of a $5 one, it is contained within the same lifeless dropper bottle. If no care was taken for the packaging, what is there to believe any care was taken for the formula?

I believe the packaging is a window into the workings of the product and I expect my products packaging to reflect the decade of research and formulary trial that it took to create OUMERE. The distinctiveness of OUMERE's packaging is a story to tell and that story is about how much care goes into the inner workings of the product itself. Yes, that means more time, more money and more work, but in the end I made the best product. There's always problems when packaging goes off the beaten trail, and it would be easy to use that same dropper bottle of common branding but I would rather have the challenge. 

The OUMERE evolution of packaging has gone from laboratory bottles, to magnetic dropper bottles and now with the Eye Serum I am using something new. Keeping the same French glass bottles, I am replacing the magnetic dropper with a pump dispenser. 

In my testing I believe the pump is an improvement over the dropper used in the Eye Serum. With a pump, you do not need to keep opening the bottle by removing the dropper, so the product will stay fresher longer. It is also more travel friendly because the pump is crimped to the bottle and comes with an optional top closure that I invented. I also was motivated to create this new pump dispenser to assist customers with hand disabilities who have difficulty using droppers. 

A few packaging notes:

1. The pump may be a little stiff at first, to smoothen it out, take the white cap off, wet the tube with a little water and then reattach the cap by putting it back on the tube and pressing firmly down.

2. The clear cap can be kept aside for when you travel with your bottles, or it can be put back on after each use. This is up to you and either is fine.


The Eye Serum will be the first to have the pump dispenser with plans to upgrade the Oil Dissolution Theory cleanser, UV-R and No. 9 sometime in November or early 2024.