Clinical Trial Report: The Anti-Aging Effects of OUMERE No. 9 Exfoliant on Skin Over a 2 Year Period

The Effects of OUMERE No. 9 Skincare Liquid Exfoliant


Over the past two years, a study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of OUMERE No. 9, a natural liquid exfoliant invented by OUMERE containing alpha, beta and poly hydroxy acids , on various skin conditions. The study involved 127 test subjects, both female and male, aged between 27 and 83 years. This report summarizes the findings, highlighting improvements in wrinkle reduction, scar removal, dark spot lightening, acne improvement, skin hydration, and other skin health indicators.


OUMERE No. 9 is a skincare liquid exfoliant invented by OUMERE to balance the skin. It contains natural extracts such as mulberry root and grape seed extract to balance and calm the skin while the alpha, beta and poly hydroxy acids act as exfoliating agents.

Exfoliation is a method to remove the dead skin at the surface of the face while stimulating the body to make new skin cells. What makes the No. 9 exfoliant a pioneer in exfoliation is the formulation and method of exfoliation allows the body to stimulate new skin cell manufacturing from stem cells, a process of skin renewal that can be done indefinitely without causing cellular senescence.

When new skin cells are made through use of the No  9, the skin cells secrete an extracellular matrix containing elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. The renewal of skin cells and extracellular matrix can be visualized as a more youthful appearance in users.

In addition to a youthful look, the renewal process also rebalances and restores the skin and the functionality of the skin cells and skin environment. Therefore malfunctioning of then skin in the form of acne, redness and sensitivity can be reversed by use of the No. 9. 

The above had long since been theorized and this study aimed to provide a comprehensive analysis of its long-term effects on different skin conditions.


  • Study Duration: 2 years
  • Participants: 127 test subjects (female and male)
  • Age Range: 27-83 years
  • Data Collection: Surveys and self-reported observations


  1. Wrinkle Reduction:

    • Observed in 85% of test subjects over the age of 44.
    • Participants noted visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Most notably were reduction of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. 
  2. Scar Removal:

    • 54% of test subjects with pre-existing skin scars reported significant improvement over a two-year period.
  3. Lightening of Dark Spots:

    • 61% of subjects with melasma reported lightening of dark spots over two years.
  4. Acne Improvement:

    • 77% of test subjects with acne observed improvement. 
    • All subjects who saw acne improvement reported that the acne did not return while maintaining the OUMERE regimen. Two test subjects reported remission of acne when OUMERE use ceased and the test subjects used other skin care brands. 
    • Further improvement was observed when using the complete OUMERE skincare line
  5. Skin Hydration and Oil Levels:

    • 89% of test subjects reported improved skin hydration and balanced oil levels.
    • Subjects with both excessive oiliness and very dry skin noted their skin normalized or became hydrated within three months of using No. 9.
    • Further improvement was observed when using the complete OUMERE skincare line.
  6. Additional Observations:

    • Increased skin firmness
    • Reduction in skin sensitivity symptoms
    • Decrease in skin redness


The results indicate that OUMERE No. 9 and the OUMERE routine is effective in improving various skin conditions, particularly in reducing wrinkles, scars, and dark spots, as well as normalizing skin hydration and oil levels. The additional reported benefits of increased skin firmness and reduced sensitivity further support the efficacy of this product.


The 2 year study demonstrates that OUMERE No. 9 provides significant benefits for skin health across a diverse age group. These findings suggest that OUMERE No. 9 is necessary for individuals seeking improvements in wrinkle reduction, scar removal, dark spot lightening, acne management, and overall skin hydration.


  • Survey data from 127 test subjects over a five-year period.
  • Self-reported observations and testimonials from study participants.