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No. 9 exfoliant in glass bottle with pump

No. 9 Daily Liquid Exfoliant

Step 1 in the OUMERE morning regimen.

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The one product that changes everything.

The advancement of skin care, the reversal of aging. OUMERE’s No. 9 daily liquid exfoliant will make your skin look younger, brighter and more radiant with every use. Powerful, yet gentle. Natural, yet scientific. Experience the OUMERE age-reversing result every day with No. 9. See the age-reversing results of No. 9 from OUMERE Labs, published here

Made by OUMERE in OUMERE Labs, Palm Beach

The No. 9 Box

The OUMERE No. 9 box comes with everything that you need for your best skin, both at home and on the go. Your No. 9 comes with the following inside:

  • + 60mL bottle of No. 9
  • +1 travel-friendly box

No. 9 should only be used with OUMERE products to avoid irritation and to experience the most powerful and profound anti-aging results.

Apply several drops onto a cotton pad. For those with sensitive skin or skin not used to chemical exfoliation, add equal parts water to cotton pad to dilute.

Beginning at the forehead, pat cotton pad gently onto face, neck, and décolleté. Do not rub product into skin as this can cause irritation.

There is no need to rinse product off, No. 9 will cease exfoliating after approximately 30 minutes when your skin naturally returns to its normal pH level.

Wait at least one minute before applying additional products. The longer No. 9 stays on skin before applying next product, the more exfoliation your skin will experience.


Powerful, yet non-irritating alpha hydroxy acid with moisturizing properties. 


Alpha hydroxy acid derived from almonds. Mandelic acid is effective for improving appearance of acne-prone skin. 


Poly hydroxy acid with anti-inflammatory properties, and gentle exfoliating capabilities.


Poly hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates skin 


Alpha hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates and brightens skin.


Natural source of the beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, which has been shown to reduce the appearance of acne.


Naturally improves the appearance of acne and inflammation. Made from fresh (not powdered) goldenseal grown in the United States.


Mulberry contains one of the highest concentrations of resveratrol found in nature. Resveratrol has the ability to bring aged skin back to a youthful appearance.


To brighten and restore tired skin, and is excellent for those with sensitive and irritated skin.


Naturally brightens and soothes appearance of irritated skin. 




Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, water*, propanediol*, lactic acid*, mulberry extract*, goldenseal (Indian turmeric) extract*, Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) extract*, glycerin*, apple cider vinegar*, aloe barbadensis Miller*, mulberry extract*, willow bark extract*, grapeseed extract*, lactobionic acid*, citric acid*, sodium salicylate*, gluconolactone*, sodium benzoate*, calcium gluconate*, mandelic acid*


* Natural Origin


See the laboratorial data results from OUMERE Labs on the anti-aging effects of No. 9 here
Customers who use No. 9 report the following effects:
  • Improved appearance of fine lines
  • Improved appearance of skin firmness
  • Improvement of appearance of acne
  • Improved appearance of skin oil levels


When first using No. 9 do a patch test on wrist to see if irritation occurs. Wait at least an hour and examine skin for redness or irritation. If irritation occurs discontinue use and consult a doctor. Not suitable for those under 18 years of age. Do not use with burned, irritated, or medicated skin. Do not use in conjunction with retinoic treatment or Vitamin C serums. External use only. Do not apply immediately after shaving. Wait at least 4 hours after shaving to apply No. 9 to avoid irritation. May increase sun sensitivity, avoid immediate and unprotected sun exposure. Wear sunscreen when using this product. Avoid contact with eyes and eye creases. If contact with eyes occurs, flush with plenty of water for several minutes and consult a medical care professional. Skin Purging may occur when first using the No. 9 Exfoliant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Pacharee Murphy
Packaging Blues

I have been using and loving your products for years - my skin has never looked better!
My only comment is about your packaging.
I understand the glass bottle need to be packed to ship safely, but it is a real struggle to get them out of their foam carved boxes - to the point where I have come close to flipping the bottle onto the floor in my attempts to get it out of the box.
I miss the glass toppers. The pump for the No. 9 is not as accurate as the stopper, and it is fussy.
It also makes it hard to transfer some to a smaller travel size bottle - I'm not sure it is going to be possible.
Otherwise the products work wonders.

Elizabeth Ward

This is my 4th or 5th bottle of this and I won't be without it. It is really a terrific exfoliate, my skin looks really smooth, even at 64
Thanks for making this

Heather Gustafson

There are a lot to choose from these days. I have been on prescription retinal, now tretinoin for 43 years. Yes it was all worth it. When I ordered No. 9 it was a HUGE game changing result. Didn’t think it was possible for me to see such a difference but I did, I love it!


After over a year of using Oumere products, I love the gentle way no.9 exfoliates my 60+ skin. It feels softer and is clearer. The follow up with UvR makes it a great combo for my skincare routine. I am no longer spending time and/or money on trying new products that are not good for my skin. I view it as investing in it. Thanks Oumere. Also love the info on the blog.

Janna Muhyeldin
Transformed my skin

This completely transformed my skin, I had clogged pores everywhere and this removed every clogged pore and bump on my face , I will use this forever