The next OUMERE product is now in the prototype phase

Serum Bioluminelle is a different kind of skin care product. You have to shake it up to use it, it is a moisturizing serum and it comes in a volumetric flask. It's oil profile will reduce oiliness in oily skin, and create hydration in dry skin. It is a product whose formula took over 300 tries to finalize and perfect over many years. 

When I was first formulating the Serum Bioluminelle it became apparent that it made moisturizers obsolete when I noticed that my skin looked and felt different after using Bioluminelle compared to creams. Creams always just covered my skin, but offered no solution for skin dryness. Creams never fixed any problem, but always smelled nice and felt nice. However, after washing the moisturizer off, it was like the movie was over, the special effects were gone and all was left was a green screen. My skin looked no better, felt no better and no skin care was actually performed. Creams are a joke. 

With Serum Bioluminelle, I wanted a product that solved the problem of skin dryness, so I focused on creating a product that allowed your body to do what it does naturally. The body does not naturally want to have dry or oily skin, the body wants a balance. And we create inbalance by using creams and other inferior "skin care" products. Serum Bioluminelle's formula was therefore engineered with biology at its core, its formula is a simple mix of natural oils and extracts and elicits a simple result: balanced, hydrated skin. 

A new formula built upon the original

With time, comes change as well. And I have been working on supplementing the original Bioluminelle formula by adding existing ingredients in greater concentration and adding a few new select ingredients that boost the effectiveness of the product. We have so far seen in OUMERE labs that the addition of the select ingredients, coupled with existing ingredients in concentrated form has significantly boosted the original effects of Serum Bioluminelle.

The Serum Bioluminelle Concentrate is a powerful product, about 10x more potent than Serum Bioluminelle original. It will be meant to be used in the evening as a restorative and youth-preservative measure. And in the morning your skin will be ready for Serum Bioluminelle for light anti-aging and hydration during the day.

A new bottle

Besides the results, the other exciting thing about the Serum Bioluminelle Concentrate is the new bottle. Still in a volumetric flask, the new bottle will have a custom made all glass dropper for easy dispensing. I believe this alteration to the bottle is a nice improvement to the OUMERE line.


The Serum Bioluminelle Concentrate is now available as part of the Exclusive Offer program, and will be released as part of the OUMERE range for sale sometime in 2024.