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No. 9 Body is now in the prototype phase

No. 9 is the foundation for the OUMERE System. It exfoliates and in doing so renews the skin. How No. 9 exfoliates is an advancement on the prior, wrong ways of exfoliating. The one such wrong way to exfoliate is with a scrub, which clumsily and haphazardly scrapes off skin cells, creating microlacerations, disruption of oil glands, destruction of the skin microbiome, enlargement of pores and increased skin wrinkling. The No. 9, instead exfoliates by dissolving the protein that adheres the dead skin cells to the surface of the face. This specified approach preserves live skin, skin's structure and integrity while exfoliating the dead skin. 

The skin on the body also experiences issues from physical scrubs, and using them will cause body acne, accelerating aging and disruption of skin's structure. The problem is that there is no product on the market that allows exfoliation without scrubbing.

I formulated the No. 9 body to fill in the gap, and same formulary principles I used to make the No. 9 for the face are now being applied to a product for the body. The exfoliant has the same qualities of the No. 9 with formulary tweaks to make it suitable for the whole body. This means it will go on smoothly, without a strong scent, and without staining clothes. Just apply, wait to dry and then you can dress and go on with your day while the product exfoliates over 30 minutes. 

The results are glowing, fresh skin without the harmful consequences of using a destructive scrub on the skin. 

The No. 9 for the body is now available as part of the Exclusive Offer Program for qualified OUMERE clientele, and will be available online and in the OUMERE Boutique this spring/summer.