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Oil Dissolution Theory™ - O U M E R E

Oil Dissolution Theory™

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Oil Dissolution Theory™ is based upon the scientific theory that oil dissolves oil. Our exclusive cleanser is excellent for dissolving oils, removing makeup, and eliminating contaminants that accumulate on your skin throughout the day, all without drying your skin. pH balanced to maintain skin’s integrity. 

Oil Dissolution Theory™ is formulated without age-accelerating ingredients such as essential oils and fragrance.

Oil Dissolution Theory™ lasts 2-4 months with daily use.

120 mL volume


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Customer Reviews

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I first used this from the travel set, and was amazed how light it was. Almost felt like water but on applying to skin it also gave me some oil like consistency to massage into my skin. It has a powerful makeup removing ability without use of aggressive emulsifier as I have seen with many oil cleansers. It leaves a cushiony feeling on my skin when it is rinsed off. I was worried after some post mentioning that it leaves oily residue. But I think it never disrupts the skin barrier so you feel the moisturized feeling. Different people will perceive it differently though. For me, I love the after feeling and the way it dislodges the blocked pores, btw I have oily skin. Before this I was using Marie Veronique replenishing oil cleanser which I liked but it dried out my face and so was with other oil cleansers like Mahalo balm which also caused some redness. In a month of use of this cleanser, it hasn’t caused me to breakout. I have stopped double cleansing as well. This is my only cleanser.
Most mornings I try to skip cleanser, also it will so pricey to use it twice daily. But with nightly use, I still have more than half left after a month of use.