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Oil Dissolution Theory™

Moisturizing, oil-dissolving, cleansing

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Use nightly on dry or slightly damp skin. 

Shake container before use so that oil and water layers are thoroughly mixed.

Dispense a quarter size amount onto hands and apply to face, neck, and décolleté.

Massage cleanser gently into skin and rinse with cool water. For sensitive skin, rinse with distilled water.



Moisturizing "dry oil" high in Linoleic acid to restore imbalanced skin


Nutrient rich oil that has natural anti-bacterial properties. Camellia Japonica also stimulates collagen production, and prevents the degradation of collagen due to age and environmental exposure


Anti-oxidant rich and non-comedogenic oil that leaves skin soft and moisturized without leaving a greasy finish


Rich oils that have natural anti-bacterial properties


Skin soothing, anti-irritant, hydration agent for skin



Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, water*, watermelon seed oil*, grapeseed oil*, castor oil*, calendula oil*, walnut oil*, Camellia Japonica oil*, coco betaine*, cocaminodopropylamine oxide*, phenyoxyethanol, sorbic acid*, caprylyl glycol*

*natural origin

  • Clean and brightened skin
  • Removal of blackheads
  • Moisturized skin
  • Maintenance of skin’s pH

Oil Dissolution Theory™ is based upon the scientific theory that oil dissolves oil.

Our exclusive, cellular biologist-formulated cleanser is excellent for dissolving oils, removing makeup, and eliminating contaminants that accumulate on your skin throughout the day, and does so without drying out or damaging your skin.

pH balanced to maintain skin’s integrity.

Oil Dissolution Theory last 2-3 months with daily use

The Oil Dissolution Theory Kit

The OUMERE Oil Dissolution Theory kit comes with every Oil Dissolution Theory purchase and contains everything that you need for your best skin, both at home and on the go. Your Oil Dissolution Theory kit comes with the following inside:

+ 120mL bottle of Oil Dissolution Theory
+ 1 glass dropper
+ 5mL travel size vial of Oil Dissolution Theory
+ 1 travel vial cap
+ 1 Oil Dissolution Theory quick start guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Oumere products are unlike any I've ever used before. Oil Dissolution Theory gently and thoroughly dissolves my make up and mineral-based sunscreens. After I use it, my skin feels soft and clean, not tight and dry. I use the entire line, and have been amazed at the rapid transformation of my aging skin.


This removed makeup and cleans my skin while moisturizing it and doesn't feel like it's stripping anything. This whole line has completed changed my skin and could never dream of going back to anything else.

Fantastic product - gentle but removes make-up very well

After starting using The Oil Dissolution cleanser and following Wendy’s advice to wash my face with a cleanser only at night, my skin no longer feels dry and tight. I’ve been using Oumere for over a year now and this product line is the best thing that ever happened to my skin!

Gentle and effective

I love how clean and moist my skin feels after my nightly face washing. I can actually feel the dirt from the day coming off my skin as I massage the cleanser into my face. This cleanser rinses off cleanly using ambient temperature distilled water. I almost never wear make-up, but when I do, the make-up comes off easily with one washing. I've been using the entire Oumere line for almost two years now, and love how my mature skin looks and feels.


I first used this from the travel set, and was amazed how light it was. Almost felt like water but on applying to skin it also gave me some oil like consistency to massage into my skin. It has a powerful makeup removing ability without use of aggressive emulsifier as I have seen with many oil cleansers. It leaves a cushiony feeling on my skin when it is rinsed off. I was worried after some post mentioning that it leaves oily residue. But I think it never disrupts the skin barrier so you feel the moisturized feeling. Different people will perceive it differently though. For me, I love the after feeling and the way it dislodges the blocked pores, btw I have oily skin. Before this I was using Marie Veronique replenishing oil cleanser which I liked but it dried out my face and so was with other oil cleansers like Mahalo balm which also caused some redness. In a month of use of this cleanser, it hasn’t caused me to breakout. I have stopped double cleansing as well. This is my only cleanser.
Most mornings I try to skip cleanser, also it will so pricey to use it twice daily. But with nightly use, I still have more than half left after a month of use.