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The Collection Set - O U M E R E

The Collection Set

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OUMERE is a system and each product within the system has a role to play in the age-reversing process. The products of OUMERE Skin Care work in concert with each other to give you your best skin.

 Experience the OUMERE age-reversing system with The Collection set. This luxurious box set contains everything you need for your best, most beautiful and youthful skin in one complete kit.

Made by OUMERE in OUMERE Labs, California

The Collection Set includes everything you need to complete your OUMERE Skin Care routine:


The Collection box is travel friendly to take your OUMERE with you on the go. Full instructions can be found on the back of the box and in the enclosed user guides. 

Customer Reviews

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Changed my skin!

I’ve been using oumere pretty exclusively for the last 2 years now and I can’t imagine going back to the products I was using before. I’m an esthetician so I have tried every “medical” grade skin care in the game and none have done anything near what oumere has for my skin. I am never dry or oily, just perfectly hydrate and I have a new baby so life is a little rough ! I just wish it did more for mu pigmentation. Will have to find something better for that but for hydration/acne prevention and overall skin health - oumere does wonders.

Sara Angleston
I've never looked more beautiful!!!

We are continuously bombarded by beauty ads and experts telling us to keep spending and to keep struggling to undo our natural aging process. It’s dizzying and tremendously confusing, not to mention can make one extremely insecure.
Oumere understands this and provides a natural solution without the filler and extraneous things your skin does not need. The products are so pure, gentle, and straightforward to use.
By using these products I have not only reversed the damage done by mainstream products, but I look radiant and receive compliments on my skin all the time without wearing any makeup or concealers. Your face is the first thing people see, and it’s a window to who you are. By being healthy and supporting our natural beauty we can truly beam on the inside out. Knowing I’m not putting anything toxic on my skin, truly gives me piece of mind. I’ve never look more radiant or more beautiful in my life after using the products for only 2 months. I have fallen in love with my skin all over again. I can't believe at 43 I look more radiant than in my 20's.
If you are on the fence, definitely try the travel set. You will not be disappointed. When I think of how much money I’m saving not buying makeup, and face treatments, or whatever else, this natural product line pays for itself many times over.
Thank you Oumere for making products with such integrity and real science!!! I can't wait for your sunscreen to come out soon!!!

My 3rd set

I started with the luxuriant set then the collection set and now I am on the third set. I am used to trying a lot of different things because in the past I was not happy with the products I had. Oumere has changed that for me. The cost is steep, but it is effective and way better than wasting money on things that don’t work. I love this line, it’s the best. I am still battling the need to occasionally scrub my face with a washcloth and extract whiteheads. This is my problem, but I am working on it and my skin never looked better. I am 36 years old with some wrinkles and whiteheads and a few occasional pimples. I will be a lifelong customer as long as I can afford it.

Lindsay P.
Blown away after first few days

My aesthetician recommended Oumere and I had been using the oil dissolution theory in rotation among other cleansers. I’m 45 with cystic acne, have been considering going back on Accutane but now I don’t think I will need to. The whole system clearly works together. I didn’t believe my skin could handle just these few products. My routine is simplified. My skin is clean and more even and dullness is gone. I’m now a complete believer.

These OUMERE products are the best skincare I’ve ever used!

My skin has been hydrated since day one! Fine lines are significantly reduced, skin is plumper, eye area is looking fuller, dark circles improving, upper eyelids looking firmer/lifted!

These results are so amazing that I knew within a week that I had found what I was looking for. Decision made. Full size products ordered!