No. 9 exfoliant, UVR Serum, Serum Bioluminelle, Oil Dissolution Theory and the Eye Serum. Glass bottles with dispensing pump

The Collection Set

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The Original OUMERE System

OUMERE is a system and each product within the system has a role to play in the age-reversing process. The products of OUMERE Skin Care work in concert with each other to give you your best skin.Experience the OUMERE age-reversing system with The Collection set. The luxurious Collection box set contains everything you need for your best, most beautiful and youthful skin in one complete kit.

Made by OUMERE in OUMERE Labs, California

The Collection Set Box

The OUMERE Collection Set box comes with everything that you need for your best skin, both at home and on the go. Your Collection Set comes with the following inside:

  • + 60mL bottle of No. 9
  • + 1 60mL bottle of UV-R
  • + 1 50mL bottle of Serum Bioluminelle with one glass dropper
  • + 1 120mL bottle of Oil Dissolution Theory
  • + 1 30mL bottle of The Eye Serum
  • +1 travel-friendly box

Product pump may be stiff at first use. For smoother dispensing, remove white cap, wet tube with a drop of water, and reattach white cap.

Customer Reviews

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Kara V
Best for my skin

I have been using this line off and on for the last three years. I always come back to it for my very dry skin - it’s both non irritating and extremely hydrating. Only complaint is the design of the SB bottle. Wish it came in a bottle like the other products.

Kathryn Stiles
So far so good!

I wish I started this when I first learned about it over a year ago. The price put me off but I was getting facials and spending money on random trends, my pendulum swinging all over the place and trying things that I later learned were damaging my skin instead of helping it. I have been using this set faithfully night and morning for 8 days. My skin looked better in two days. I threw everything out am only using this brand. I do have plain oils I use to remove eye makeup if I have put some on.

The products are so effective; very little product is needed. It's different from other products I was using. It is important to read the directions well. I wrote out a schedule and techniques so I don't forget. Start with wetting your face with water and a cloth. Then I use 2-3 pumps of the cleansing oil and move it all over my face. If I have mascara on I will use a bit of plain jojoba oil first to get it off and then go in with the Oumere cleansing oil. Rinse well and I use the cloth to deeply remove everything from my face. I don't use much make up but if I did, I think it would need more cleanser.

Next is No. 9 and it is potent so most people need to dilute it and get used to it. I only needed a couple of days and then my skin adjusted to it. To get the most exfoliation from it, leave it on your skin for 30 minutes before adding the next product. It's important not to rub it in but gently tap it onto your skin.

Next is UVR and it needs a minute or two on the skin before the next step. I have been doing the eye serum after UVR which may not be right but it's working for me thus far.

Last is the Serum Biolumienelle which is amazing, a little sticky but I love the smell, so real and not fake fragrance chemically. I tap it lightly into my skin. If it's morning my next step is sunscreen and then some light makeup. However, this week I have used much less make up and people have been telling my skin looks amazing, which is a new compliment for me to receive.

I am 56 and white with lots of sun damage and fairly wrinkled up! So glad to have a routine I can do and feel good about. Reading the blog was helpful and I learned about this product from a you tube channel I trust, lilykoi hawaii. Hope this is helpful!

Gloria Kazanova

I am a 72 year old woman who never before had a “routine” because I was never happy with any product line for various reasons. Oumere changed that. I have been using Oumere for abt. 3 years now and love it. I even go out to the grocery store, or for a stroll with the dog, etc. without makeup.

P. S.
Worth every cent and then some!

I tried the Advancement Concentrate and received a travel kit so I could try the entire collection. I have since ordered the whole collection- it is so worth it!
It's been about 6 weeks using Oumere, and I didn't realize just how effective it is until I forgot to pack my travel kit for a 4 day trip. I had various samples from other skin care lines in my bag, and did bring some Advancement, and an HA Intensive serum, and sunscreen-- that was it. I was looking a bit ragged when I got home.That night I went back to my full Oumere regimen and next morning I woke up looking dewy, fresh, rested, and at least 10 years younger lol. I didn't realize just how good these products are-- now everything else feels sticky and smells perfumy and like it sits on your skin. I am an Oumere devotee now, thanks to my sister who recommended the line and has had amazing results too. It's magic. My only negative thing to say is I wish you would be more mindful of the ecology with your packaging, which seems excessive.

Jessica Ackerman
Intuitive Skincare

This is a skincare routine and product that matches my intuition. I’ve given a chance to many supposed fountain of youth trends and have regretted it every time. People have assured me to stick with the micro-needling, peels, etc. I’ve been gaslit for saying that HA, physical exfoliants, vitamin c, moisturizing creams etc put me on a rollercoaster that never levels out. I used the skin cleansers recommended by dermatologists. I have only been using the Oumere skin products consistently for a week. I know it’s early but for the first time in my life my skin isn’t angry. I think the gentle application of the products might be part of the key, but the products themselves are liquid gold. As far as adjustment period or skin purge which I was prepared for, that didn’t happen for me. In fact any blemishes I had calmly faded out. My skin has more healing to do but It feels good to be on track. I was told after the product is opened it takes about 6 months to expire. It’s expensive but when I take into account I’m no longer going to throw my skincare money into lies, Oumere makes sense.

If you don’t have the $ at least read the blog and stop buying garbage. Every time you’re going to buy some trash to put on your face, put that money aside. In 6 months you should have a little savings and you can add Oumere into your life.

I’ve written maybe 4 reviews in my whole life, so, believe me.