The New OUMERE Product Releases Coming This Year

OUMERE is expanding out beyond skin care. The first foray into expansion was this year’s release of the Light Coverage Foundation which was my first step into makeup. More makeup products will be released but in addition to makeup OUMERE is reaching out into fragrance and textiles. 


The first new product to be launched will be Red, the first fragrance I have created. I have been working on this perfume for quite a while, from the formulation to the packaging and it is set to release in a few weeks. If you would like to pre order to reserve a bottle, you can do so on the OUMERE website. The perfume is bottled here at the OUMERE boutique in small volumes, therefore the inventory for this item will usually be limited. 

The Advancement Concentrate II

The final serum and the completion of the OUMERE routine. I have found additional peptides that I wanted to add to the Advancement but in doing so makes the serum a lot stronger. Too strong for twice a day use but great for overnight repair. The addition of this new serum moves the Advancement up in the OUMERE routine to be used in the morning and the Advancement II to be used in the evening. Currently in the prototype phase and only available for those in the upper VIP tiers. I expect to release this serum around October. 

The OUMERE Handbag

I completed my design of the handbag and it is currently being made in France. The bag is a leather small sized luxury piece that is individually made. The bag is red and each bag has a unique one of a kind set of handles that an artist knife maker makes individually in his studio. I found him when I was looking for a unique knife handle to be made and he was the best at this art. We have been working together for quite some time now to design and perfect the handles for the bag. The handles cannot be replicated and make each bag a unique piece of art. 

I’m limiting the production of this bag to a small, exclusive quantity. It is not going to be a mass, factory produced item or something that can be bought online. Showings of the OUMERE bag are available in the OUMERE boutique starting in October, please reach out to to make an appointment. 

OUMERE Scarves 

Oumere Italian Silk scarves will be available in the OUMERE boutique starting October 2024. The quantity of the scarves per design will also be limited edition only. 

A designer and myself are working on the designs for the scarves now. They’re a lot of fun and all themed on science, skin care and beauty. We have 5 designs we have created together which  are all elegant, fun and beautiful.