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The Eye Serum

Brightening, contouring, anti-aging

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Use nightly on skin after cleansing with Oil Dissolution Theory™ Moisturizing Cleanser. Apply a few drops onto fingertips and gently press into areas around the eyes. Be careful to not get product into eyes. If contact with eyes occurs flush with plenty of water and consult a medical professional if necessary.

Allow The Eye Serum to seep into the skin for at least one minute before applying additional products. For severe dark circles and puffiness, The Eye Serum can also be applied in the morning after No. 9 and before application of UV-R™ and Serum Bioluminelle™

Expect to see visible improvement within 2-3 weeks of use.

The results of The Eye Serum are most profound after use in the long-term because of the biological and gentle nature of the formula. 


Reduces pooling of heme (component of the red blood pigment, hemoglobin) under the skin. The accumulation of heme is a contributing factor to dark circles.


Topically applied elastin, unlike collagen, is readily absorbed by the skin and can promote new elastin synthesis


Naturally reduces age spots and under-eye puffiness



Naturally reduces hyperpigmentation (dark/age spots) and brightens skin’s appearance



Increases production of collagen, and ceramides (lipid molecule and natural component of human skin that diminishes with age), and inhibits photoaging/cell damage caused by UVA exposure




Pea extract*, mulberry extract*, bilberry extract*, bladderwrack extract*, suma extract*, 1,3-propanediol*, glycerin*, horse chestnut extract*, hydrolyzed rice bran proteins*, glycine soya protein*, oxidoreductases*, elastin protein*, alpha arbutin*, ursolic acid*, phenoxyethanol, citric acid*, sorbic acid*




  • Brightened eyes
  • Contouring and de-puffing
  • Prevention of skin sagging, wrinkling and crows feet
  • Increased skin circulation to remove and prevent dark under-eye circles

The Eye Serum is the first and only serum to biologically solve the problem of under-eye dark circles and puffiness.

The advanced, ultra-concentrated formula functions at the cellular level to clean up pigment accumulation, increase circulation and illuminate the skin.

The result is beautifully bright and elegantly contoured eyes.

The Eye Serum lasts 3 months with daily use

The Eye Serum Kit

The OUMERE The Eye Serum kit comes with every The Eye Serum purchase and contains everything that you need for your best skin, both at home and on the go. Your The Eye Serum kit comes with the following inside:

+ 30mL bottle of The Eye Serum
+ 1 glass dropper
+ 5mL travel size vial of The Eye Serum
+ 1 travel vial cap
+ 1 The Eye Serum quick start guide

Customer Reviews

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Amazing results

I'll soon start my third bottle of the Eye Serum and I'm amazed by the results. I wasn't sure about this product when I first started using it, but after six months I noticed that the lines around my eyes were gone, and that the bags under my eyes are shrinking and firmer; not yet gone but definitely diminished. I use 6 drops of the Eye Serum both day and night since my skin is quite mature; the bottle lasts 4 months for me. You won't see overnight improvement, but with steady use you'll see brighter, and firmer skin around the eye area. This product works!

Actual results

In a world filled with fake reviews, or reviews that are out there its important to state that, I AM AN ACTUAL user who came back to order my second bottle of this. When i first started using this serum i thought it was a joke, because I had never used anything under the eye that felt like water, but about two months after using this x2 a day I can actually get away without using concealer. I use ALL the products from this line (except the cleaning oil) and absolutely LOVE them all. I always thought i had dry skin, but after using these products I have come realize that i ACTUALLY have normal skin, but it was all the garbage I was using that made it dry. Brilliant line!!!

Game changer!

This serum has become a nightly/daily stable in my regimen. It smells lovely, without any nasty essential oils or fragrance additives. It has completely renewed my moisture barrier and it really does seem to reduce dark circles. The travel bottle is easy to refill. I use it for applying since it's compact. The rubber end is superior to a glass dropper in my opinion. I researched all the ingredients and the research is solid except for the elastin protein claim. All in all, this is worth the money. It's the first step in my routine after cleansing. I use it all over the front of my face and eyelids as well.