A Quick Word of Caution About Those Jade Rollers

There isn't much new in the world of skin care, so when something different arises that allows us to "spice up" our routine, we need to have the discerning ability to delineate between helpful product and marketing gimmick.

Jade rollers are an applicator tool to help spread skin care products without tugging on your face, or transferring the bacteria from your hands onto your face. Sounds great right? Well, it can be, but there is a problem.

Jade is a porous stone, meaning that it contains tiny pores on its surface. This is an issue because if you are applying skin care onto the jade, some of that material is going inside. Also the oils and bacteria from your skin can get into the pores too, and bacteria will live and reproduce in there if not cleaned properly.

I see no problem with the jade rollers because I think it is great to have a tool that allows skin care to be applied without rubbing and tugging on your skin, and it is another way to avoid getting bacteria on your skin which can cause or make existing acne worse. But it is imperative that if you use one to make sure you are being safe.

If you like your jade roller (or want to get one) just heed my caution: wash your tools properly! Jade can be cleaned by boiling it in water, so after each use of your jade roller be sure to properly kill the bacteria by putting it in a pot of boiling water for at least 30 minutes. If your roller has material that does not allow for it to be boiled then throw it out and find a roller that does allow you to clean it properly.