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The OUMERE melasma, hyperpigmentation and dark spot routine

One of the biggest complaints women have with their skin is the presence of dark spots or areas of skin discoloration known as melasma or hyperpigmentation.

The reason for melasma is usually hormonal, which is why women experience melasma more frequently than men, and women typically report melasma appearing after a pregnancy. The problem is that the hormonal causes of skin issues do not often disappear when the pregnancy is over, and can often become a lifelong issue for many people.

The other causes of skin discoloration, age-spots, hyperpigementation, etc. include the following:

1. Sun exposure

2. Smoking

3. Oxidizing skin care ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin B (niacinamide)

4. Cytotoxic skin care ingredients such as essential oils

5. Scrubs and harsh exfoliants

6. Laser treatments


The good thing is that dark spots can see significant improvement by avoiding the above and using the proper skin care. The OUMERE regimen can be modified for those with hyperpigmentation by using the existing products as spot treatments throughout the course of the day. 

Below is an infographic on how to use your OUMERE Skin Care products to improve melasma, hyperpigmentation and age spots





The results of the above routine should begin to be visible within 4 weeks of consistent use and to maintain results, I recommend continuing the above routine. Results with OUMERE get better with time and patience.

Some spots may go away completely, but spots brought on by internal causes such as hormones need consistent skin care treatment to work. 


Products in this routine:

No. 9


Serum Bioluminelle

Oil Dissolution Theory

The Eye Serum


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